Bloggers likes to spend much time on reading and writing then any other activity,To be a productive blogger one must choose right set of tools.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

As a regular blogger and Mac user I fell in love with many Mac apps which makes my life easier,So here I present the list of 8 essential Mac Apps for bloggers,which I think every blogger should use if they are serious about blogging.


Evernote ( Free )

Evernote is a most popular mac application which lets you create notes and share with others online.It comes with many features such as support for images,video and voice recording.

You can create notes to brainstorm new post ideas,to collect datas etc.

Download Evernote from Mac App store

Things ( $49.99 )

Things is a great app for tracking To do list and setting reminders.Though it costs some bucks,It worth every penny.You will become more productive if you use it in right direction.

Download Things from Mac App store

Dayone ( $9.99 )

Dayone is like your personal journel.You can quickly add your thoughts,memories and ideas which will be quickly synced online and you can access it from any other apple device.You can also password protect your journals which is a great value added feature.

Dayone is also 2012 best app which was featured on MacApp store.

Download Dayone from Mac App store

Ommwriter ( Free and $4.99 )

Ommwriter is a clean and distraction free text editor which can be used to write articles mindfully.Its comes with four ambient music which lets you type articles peacefully.You can also get a free version of this app which comes with few background options and background music.

Download Free version | Download Paid version from Mac App store

CyberDuck ( Free )

Cyberduck is a advanced FTP client for mac.It supports various protocols like FTP,SFTP,SSH etc.The interface is really awesome and you wont believe it is a free app.It also comes with built in feature to manage various cloud services like Amazon cloudfront,Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files.Apart from that you can also manage your Google drive documents.

Download Cyberduck from official website

Pocket ( Free )

To become a successful blogger one need to do lot of reading than writing.Pocket is a wonderful app by which you can easily save the articles to read it later.The beauty of Pocket app is you can easily send articles to pocket from hyperlink than visiting the article.

Pocket also has free app for several other mobile platforms like iOS,Android etc.

Download Pocket from Mac App store

iShowU HD (  $64.99 )

If you are a video blogger or you make Youtube videos then this app is very essential for you.iShowU HD is a excellent screen capture app which can capture your screen in a HD video format.

I personally use this app to create video tutorials and it supports mouse pointer highlighter and various video formats. If you are keen to produce videos in mind blowing quality then dont look after the price..just go for it.

Download iShowU HD from Mac App store

Twitter Client ( Free and Paid )

There are numerous twitter clients available for Mac,Tweet Deck is favorite which is a free App and gives various features.If you want some advanced twitter clients then go for Tweetbot for twitter.The interface of Tweetbot for twitter is terrific and it comes with many new features that other Twitter clients fall short of.

Download Tweet Deck (free) | Download Tweetbot for twitter from Mac App store ( $19.99 )

I hope these apps will help you to have better blogging experience.Spending money for your blog is like a investment so go for the apps which you feel essential for you.


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