8 Best Ps4 Games For Your Kids in 2019

Once you start looking out for the best Ps4 gaming system for your little kids, there is a lot of mind boggling that you got to do in the whole process. Firstly, you got to ensure that the PS4 game which is been bought for your kids must match to their taste in gaming. On the other side, you also got to take care of getting the best PS4 game rightly suitable for their age and thought process. So be it that old school Lego, action, or musical game, our list of best playstation games for kids can surely help you in the same cause.

 Rayman legends

While you are searching for the best PS4 game for your family, you have to ensure that the one you buy rightly entertain your kids, along with the old people at your home. That’s where Ubisoft’s has earned the trust of millions of its users with that funny, lively and innovative Rayman legends game. The game serves best to everyone in the family: from a 5 year old till 65 years old. This game comes as the fifth version from the recognized Rayman legacy which goes around the footsteps of legendary platformers like Super Mario , coming along with all the high octane entertainment to all its users.

The game offers its users with an option to grab various characters and items within the game and all these games comes with a replay option to further enhance your overall gaming experience. “Rayman legends” steps on board with a perfect design and easy-to-play options which surely comes as a treat to all the users.

Try playing this game to match your tune to the available musical levels where you got to perfectly time your movements to rightly counterpart your movements to the parodies of some of the famous musical numbers like “Black Betty”.

Lego worlds

 LEGO Worlds is one of the highly recognized PS4 games where your child gets the opportunity to discover numerous galaxies created out of LEGOS. Your child gets to play in an open ended atmosphere and this would surely enhance his overall learning and growth process. The game provides an option to all the players to further control and changes the dimensions of various visited planets with the help of all those Lego models and blocks. 

Following the lines of MineCraft co., LEGO worlds facilitate the user to create a model or structure, whilst using one base brick at the same time. All of the included creatures and objects made up of legos come along with their respective programmed functioning during their interaction with the players alongside. The users can explore the world made up of Legos whilst enjoying their rides on various creatures.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

If you are an Old school Play station player, this PS4 game serves as the perfect treat for you. Moreover, the recent version of the Crash bandicoot sports some of the best and most innovative graphics & software. It serves as the right three in one gaming combination where you can try your hands on the recent version of all the Crash bandicoot series games.

 This specific version of the Crash bandicoot offers amazing game play with around 100 gaming levels and two character options for its users. You will get along with several unique features like time trial, different modes and winner tables to decide up on your positions within various competitions. It comes as the perfect adventure game for everyone who has heard various stories about the legendary bandicoot play station games from their parents.

Little Big Planet 3

This PS4 game comes as the most sought after game in its genre for its immensely original and inventive playing options. Little Big planet 3 kick starts along with a real time video of kids from the real world and their interaction with various character and creatures from the surrounding world

The game comes with a customized option during its fabulous plat former adventure journey and the users have the option of designing their respective gaming levels with the help of different characters and stickers option within.

Lego Marvel Heroes 2

Mostly Lego games serves best to both the little kids and the old people in your family and Lego has continued with bringing new creations and innovations in the familiar direction. Marvel Heroes 2 is whole different level in the similar context and brings along the old school game play into picture combined with some of your favorite superheroes franchisees.

 Being a player, you will act in different character forms like Black Panther, Hulk, Dr Strange, Spiderman, and Guardian of the galaxy, Thor, Captain Marvel and most of the famous characters from the famous Marvel franchise. There will be lots of scintillating escapade, time travelling voyages through the imaginary surroundings of chronopolis where you can act as either a hero or a Villain. 

Hasbro Family fun pack

The Hasbro family fun pack is surely the perfect PS4 gaming option if you really want to relive those old schools gaming nights with your families. In an era where most of the kids stay stuck to either their smart phones or the televisions, with this extremely funny Hasbro series would help them to divert their attention. You will get a lot of gaming options in this game like trivial pursuit, scrabble and Monopoly. The games are currently accessible in their virtual forms and if you want to try them out in manual version, you have to make the in-game purchases.


Knack comes on the top of the list when it’s about looking for the most played PS4 action games. The game allows the user to control a robot which is named as Knack which has been designed to tackle the threat looming over the controversial land. The PS4 game is highly recognized for its supportive visuals for every family who is playing the game. It includes all the real time characters along with scariest of   adventures, which will help your kids to try their innovative mind and creativity.


Hohokum is one of the most famous PS4 games where the users have to manage a reptile which is moving forward in its surroundings without any fruitful motives. There is a multihued reptile named “long mover” and it keeps roaming through the various extraordinary world surroundings. The reptile doesn’t have any common objectives and the user isn’t bound with any type of time limit or score line in the process.

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