A modern Infographic refers to a fairly big image file that is populated with images (and sometimes text) that is supposed to explain a point or get some sort of message across. If you make it big and attractive then it may be spread around in a viral fashion, or may simply attract more people. It is a nice visual way of getting information across, but that also means there is a threat of the user quickly becoming bored of the image. That is why people use tools to try and improve their designs. Here are eight tools that you should try.


This is an Infographic tool that you can use in conjunction with your Twitter profile. It gives people details from your Twitter stream including things such as your most retweeted post and most popular posts. It is a good way of turning your Twitter profile stats into an Infographic. You can see the geographic impact of your tweets and you can see who your top followers are. You may use your new Infographic to maybe attract more people to your Twitter profile, or possibly just to show off to people.

This is a tool that you can use to create a very attractive Infographic. It allows you to use it for free and it has a very simple interface which makes using it a lot easier. You can create a nice range of Infographic styles and types and you can show things such as social media network metric data for if you happen to be very popular on Facebook or Twitter. The tool is still being updated every few months with new things and it slowly gaining ground as one of the more popular Infographic building tools.

This tool is perfect for creating Infographics that are all about you. It can mine information from sites such as LinkedIN, and then allows you to present it on your Infographic. You can show off your skills or your history, and you can even build a funky online CV if you wish. You can concentrate on different aspects of your life; you can run a timeline of your sex life, or a full work history. You can create an Infographic all about your education or about your KPI achievements at your sales job.


You can turn your information into a narrative with this tool if you do it correctly. It allows you to build and customize Infographics, and allows you to add your own logo and your own icons. The tools it gives you for free are quite good, but you can also pay to have more tools and functions if you wish. It gives you more themes and more functions if you agree to pay, and is best saved for hardcore or regular Infographic creators. It has a very good selection of themes that you can pick through and use, and you can use the online image editor which has been set up with Infographics in mind.

Many Eyes

Even though it sounds like some sort of crappy 80s horror film, it is actually a tool to help you create elements for Infographics. It can take stored chunks of data and turn them into visualizations that you can use on your Infographics. You can pull information off of the Internet or you can take it from your own computer if you wish. You can create a number of different charts and diagrams and gives you a nice variety of options that you can play with. Some of the visualizations actually come away looking very professional.


This is a very easy to use tool that allows you to create charts, diagrams and visualizations of data that you can embed into your Infographic. It is a very popular tool because it allows you to create different data-driven charts for your various data dissemination needs.


With this tool you can create word visualizations. They often look better than the fonts that your text editors come up with, and some of them are very bold and effective at attracting attention to your Infographic. There are lots of different designs that you can choose from, and you can add long pieces of text instead of just header-sized pieces of text.


This is a chart making tool. It has removed all of the bells and whistles that other designers have added and just allows you to select a chart, add your data, change the colors and then customize the chart. It is a nice way of avoiding looking like you have used the same tools as the last 400 Infographics on the directory. Some of them look quite professional too, which may be a help if that is the look you are going for.

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