7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Greek Life

by Dan

Greek life opens the doors to lasting friendships, unforgettable adventures, and useful connections for your professional journey. Sometimes, being a member of a sorority or fraternity can turn college into the best four years of your life. Unfortunately, these good times can pass by faster than expected. To make sure that you don’t miss out and look back with regret, we list down 7 ways to make the most of your days with your chosen organization.

1) Fill your Socials Calendar

Going Greek is all about being social and meeting all kinds of people. Aside from having fun, you can also take advantage of social events bygetting to know more about your brothers and sisters from the same chapter. Don’t limit yourself with attending socials from your own organization. You can also benefit from attending other Greek organization’s socials by hanging out with their members and learning about their group’s lifestyle and culture.Just make sure to plot your social events within your academic calendar so you can plan your study schedule in advance.

2) Stay Connected

Since much of the Greek life revolves around social activities, it is important for its members to always communicate with each other. Since most college students today own a handheld device, one great way to stay connected would be to use amobile group app. Group communication apps like BAND enable members to create an online home for their Greek letter organization. The app allows members to set up community boards where they can talk about any issues concerning their organizations. Members can also update each other about upcoming events through the group calendar, and they can also create collective photo albums where everyone can upload their own pictures from recent social gatherings.

3) Adopt a Little

Greek life is also about being able to pay-it-forward, especially to members of your organization.You can start by taking on a “little” or a newbie sister or brother. As a Big Sister or Big Brother, you are tasked to teach your “little” the ropes of the organization. Being a “big” also means you are not just responsible for your ward’s Greek life, but also for their academic life as well. Sharing what you have learned and taking a newbie under your wing can be a daunting task, but it can also be a personally rewarding experience.

4) Take Charge Every Now and Then

Sororities and fraternities are great venues to hone your leadership skills. Try out for a position in your chapter, and spearhead some of your chapter’s main events and various charity programs. On the other hand, if all the positions have been filled, you can still volunteer to chair smaller activities such as redecorating or devising a clean-up schedule for your Greek suite.Taking on a position involves a lot of responsibility, but the experience can help prepare you for greater life challenges ahead.

5) Maximize Your Community Service Experience

Even though most Greek letter groups require their members to complete a certain number of community service hours per semester, you don’t need to look at this requisite as a chore. Community services are a meaningful way for your organization to give back to your local community or your chapter’s national charity. Likewise, it also gives you ample time to bond with your brothers and sisters, especially during long drives where you can sing-along or play games inside the bus. Prospect employers also tend to favor college graduates who have been actively involved in a number of fundraising activities and outreach programs.

6) Hang Out at Your Greek House or Suite

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the Greek life than by living in close quarters with the other members. Living together, being able to share stories over meals, or staying up late at night to talk about your problems lets you foster a closer and more intimate relationship with your brothers and sisters. This experience is also a great way to develop your adaptability skills, in your ability to deal with housemates who come from various backgrounds and who have different attitudes when it comes to living with other people.

7) Ask Advice from Alumni

Another great advantage of belonging to a fraternity or sorority is being able to tap into their rich alumni network.By reaching out to an alumna, you are able to get some insights and advice into their college life and Greek experience. Throughout history, Greek alumni have been known to hold positions in the government, entertainment industry, medical world, and the business sector.Typically, these people would also be willing to help a fellow brother and sister, especially in providing job connections and career opportunities.

College life involves a lot of schoolwork and non-Greek related activities. Some members tend to get distracted and caught up with other responsibilities that they fail to enjoy the perks and benefits of being involved in a chapter. Attending more social events, putting in more community service hours, helping out a newbie, reaching out to an alumna, and staying connected will help you maximize your Greek life experience. These activities will aid in making you a more well-rounded individual, thus preparing you for the bigger adult challenges that lie ahead.

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