7 Tips to Help You Pitch Your iPhone App Idea to Potential Clients

by Dan

imageDifferent iPhone companies follow different strategies to pitch their app ideas to potential clients. Since everything depends on the clients, these companies must be fully prepared with an innovative idea and an even more innovative concept to present their ideas to their clients. Here are some tips, which can help the companies pitch their iPhone app ideas to their potential clients.

1. Be a planner: Remember, you won’t have all the time in the world to pitch your ideas so you need to focus on making an impact on your clients in the first few minutes itself. Therefore, rehearse your demo as many times as you can; even if the client cuts you short, you will be able to skip to another part of the demo quickly.

Also, keep sufficient amount of time at hand to take care of the arrangements. For this, try to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early in the room where your clients will be meeting you. This should give you enough time to check out the settings in the room like – projector, network service or Wi-Fi signal so that you don’t have to face any technical glitches; do have a backup plan ready with you in case you face glitches during presentation.

2. Come prepared: Get as much background information about the client as you can. For instance, know perfectly well, how your app will benefit the client; you need to know just why he should invest in it. Think in terms of ROI and explain the same to your clients if needed, which allows you to convince them about buying your app.

3. Make the most of your time: Do not spend all the time in the demo; what you can do is just take 2-3 minutes or at the most 5 minutes to wrap up your demo and spend the rest of the time in an interactive question-answer session to know how your client and your company can work together.

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4. Know your target audience: Have a detailed knowledge of the demographics of your customers and their preferences. To know your end-users better, you may conduct an in-depth research and analysis covering important questions such as – what is the average age of your users, why would they use the app, what features will appeal to them the most or what are their expectations from new apps.

5. Highlight your efforts: Show your clients that you are dedicated to the app right from its development to its marketing. For this, you can share your ideas in terms of – making a website for the app, cross-promotion, in-app marketing, free/lite versions of the app or advertising. Additionally, this will convince your clients that you value the app as your own.

6. Don’t ramble on and on about the features: Avoid speaking at length about the features and functionalities of your iPhone app. It will appear as “Too Much Information” to your clients and for the time being, they would not want to hear about it. Their attention will only be on the profitability of the app idea when they meet you and so, you must focus solely on the profits the clients will earn from the app.

7.  Show some creativity: Break the monotonous way of presenting your business model and think of different ways to present it. For example, instead of using overused sales terms, you can create an interesting sales pitch using your own words. Also, try to think of innovative ways of presenting the demo other than PowerPoint slides or videos.

Try to use these pointers the next time you pitch your app ideas to your clients and impress them so that they strike a deal at the very first instance itself.

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