7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Customer Engagement Ratio  

Digital media has influenced the world of business especially the commercial sector. And now on the online platform, it is known as eCommerce. As the market platform has changed the business strategies and pattern requires a new guide of tactics to increase customer engagement toward your brand. 

Hence, we’ve come up with 7 proven and experienced methods to increase the engagement and retention of customers towards a brand.

Here you go,  

Emphasize Customer Reviews (Two-way communication)

You may have noticed the trend companies encouraging their customers to provide testimonials and reviews for their product on all digital platforms including social media. At one end it provides customers a chance to express their point-of-view or feelings. And on the other hand, it is a core strategy planned for winning customer engagement. 

Now you’ll ask how? Our reply will always say that if you’re good at providing services then allowing two-way communication through reviews given by your customers will help your brand reputation in an organic way and person-to-person. In fact, the top companies always ensure to answer all product/services related queries, which let people believe that you’re always there for them, whenever needed. Practicing reviews basis two-way communication through digital platforms helps to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Use of Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a great tool to create a buzz for your product among your targeted potential customers efficiently. Creating a page of your brand helps you to reach your consumers which eventually spreads your brand’s goodwill and builds long-lasting trust. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and most importantly twitter.    

This way you can ask your customer about your new launch and take straight feedback. It is the most honest place for your market research. Honest comments & reviews from your customer will help you know where you should work and where not. Also, you can influence your audience toward your product.

Live video sessions on Social media

Recently a trend going live has gone viral among all social media influencers. And yes this new tool is an effective way to converse with your supporters and followers in real-time. The most recent example we see is in this pandemic situation due to Covid-19 across the world where many celebrities, brands, and media channels use this tool to elaborate their product and create such engaging campaigns. You can go live on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Significance of Mobile Apps

No doubt, the marketing strategies to promote the brands online have been reshaped with the advent of Smartphones. Along with professional websites, top-companies have also started investing in making fully-personalized and user-friendly mobile apps.

The mobile apps improved the onboarding experience. Also, it has decreased the time and effort of opening the Internet first and logging into the account and then starting purchasing products. If you have a dedicated app then your customer will just click away from your services.  

The Four-I Strategy

The process of experimenting is an important component of any firm’s growth and innovation. And we all know how much innovation and growth is required to attract new customers.

Hence we’ve come with a 4-I strategy to increase the engagement:

  • Involvement: Make your customer part of your campaign plan. Announce reward programs to get your potential customers connected with your brand.
  • Influence:  In the age of social media influencing, you can look for such influencers across the different social media platforms to promote your brand. Their strong fan base will definitely give you great conversions. 
  • Interaction: To make your business consistently growing, the interaction between brands and customers is the key. It helps people believe your brand and gives authentic value to your brand.
  • Intimacy:  Initiate to outreach your customers at every possible level and through a number of channels. It will increase your product chances to be observed and seen by a wide variety of potential consumers.  

Strong content is the Key

The article that you’re reading now is also a part of strong content development and digital marketing, which has successfully completed its motto by outreaching you. Because if you’ve honestly read out all five ways and you’re on 6th one this time, then it shows at some point you agree to our statement and can make decisions according to the collected information.

But wait it’s not you making the decision on your own. It’s we who have provoked you to think according to us. 

Push notifications

Push notifications represent a great way to communicate with your audience. According to a study by Localytics, 52% of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices, and these notifications can be used to benefit businesses. WordPress push notifications are the best program to set your messages and send them to your customers. Its WooCommerce push notifications plugin is designed in order to facilitate your business notifications which are meant to be sent to your customers. Be it about sales, offers, discounts, coupons, etc. All can be done through push notifications.


Above mentioned ways are the best of its kind. You can practice them in any marketing trend or campaign and you will surely get fruitful results from it.


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