internet facts

internet facts

If not Internet then How we could have connected with each other ? This amazing piece of Technology changed billions of lives and considered as a major breakthrough ever in history of Human beings,Much like invention of Electricity.

In last few years Internet got exploded and rapidly reaching every human being on this planet.Here is a list of ten mind blowing facts about internet.

Fact #1

Google has estimated that at present Internet contains about 5 million terabytes of digital data that is 5 billion GB,and the funniest part is Google has only indexed 0.04{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of it all.

If you copy these datas in a standard Blue ray disk then you just need 200 million disks.

Fact #2

Currently Internet is estimated to have 23 billion web pages.(1 billion = 1000 million)

Fact #3

It is estimated that at the year of 2016,all the data centers in world might be sending over 1.3 zettabytes every year.That is like sending all the movies ever made across internet in every 3 minutes.

Fact #4

Google revealed that 16{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of the searches made everyday are the ones that Google has never seen before.

Fact #5

Around 18 countries in World still doesn’t have access to Internet.

Fact #6

If you pronounce the word “world wide web” it just takes 3 syllables where as its abbreviation “WWW” takes 9 syllables.

Fact #7

We think Internet is mostly dominated by English but the fact is,English was only used roughly 35{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b},Chinese at 14{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} and remaining are other languages.

Source : Quora

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