Whether you like boiled eggs or stake, pizza or cake, the iPhone can help you prepare them all quickly and easily, or find the best restaurant in your area where you can eat them. If you’re a foodie and you’re proud with it, here are some excellent iPhone food apps you want to check. Note that I’ve left out some obvious choices like Epicurious, Yelp, and BigOven, which you’re probably using already.

#1 Perfect Egg Timer $0.99

Boiling eggs is an art that only a chosen few master. If you want to become one of them, grab Perfect Egg Timer on your iPhone. The app takes into account the size of your egg, its temperature, the elevation in your area, and the room temperature, and calculates how long you should boil your egg. Looks great, works great.

The Perfect Egg Timer

#2 VegOut$2.99

The ideal app for traveling vegans, VegOut helps you find the best restaurants serving vegetarian food. What’s great about this app is that it’s global, letting you search for eating-places by location. Provides a map to help you find your way to a great meal faster.


#3 FoodspottingFree

Useful for discovering mouth-watering dishes, Foodspotting lets you search for the best foods and restaurants. A visual app, it uses delicious images to showcase the tastiest dishes from nearby restaurants. It also lets you document your own experience with local restaurants.


#4 OpenTableFree

A sophisticated table reservation app, OpenTable lets you reserve a table at almost any restaurant that uses reservation software – almost all the good places do. Can also help you locate restaurants, but you will find Urbanspoon or Yelp better at that.

#5 UrbanspoonFree

Urbanspoon finds restaurants in your area and classifies them by location, cuisine, and price. Just shake your iPhone and you’ll get a recommendation that includes address, phone number, and reviews. This little app can help you discover some really awesome eating-places that you would have never found on your own.


#6 FoodGawkerFree

Letting you discover foods by browsing through delicious images, FoodGawker is updated by some of the best food bloggers on the web. Once you find a great-looking food, tap the image to see the accompanying blog post as well as the recipe.


#7 Seafood WatchFree

If you’re not sure which type of salmon you want to eat, or if you want to learn more about a special fish species, you’ll like Seafood Watch. It’s a simple app that gives you a lot of information about seafood, helping you eat healthier and tastier meals.

Seafood Watch-iPhone-App

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