6 Reasons Why Gaming is more Fun during Lockdown

6 Reasons Why Gaming is more Fun during Lockdown

by Dan

No matter how much we deny the fact, but COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While governments from various countries worldwide take drastic measures to counter the after-effects of COVID-19, one thing is now a part of our lives. It is the process of lockdown. People have changed their habits during such a time and embraced indoor activities such as binge-watching their favorite movies and drama serials or sitting on their couches and gaming for countless hours.

People who never even consider playing games have taken it up as a hobby. Even people are going to make a career out of it. Some have even gone to the extent of taking up online game development courses to create and put their personal touch on games. In the end, lockdown opens up many opportunities for people to learn new things through gaming. Whether you enjoy a chess video game or a first-person shooter.6 Reasons Why Gaming is more Fun during Lockdown

Here are some reasons how gaming is more fun during the lockdown

1. You can Socialize through Online Multiplayer Video Games

Due to lockdown, contactless greetings have become ordinary worldwide, and people avoid meeting their friends and family. However, there is always a chance to develop meaningful and new relationships with online multiplayer games. Other than that, you can also ask some of your existing friends to join you in battle through multiplayer gaming. It would be best if you had this interaction between you and your friends. So, why not make this interaction more fun with online multiplayer gaming. 

Games such as league of legends offer players a platform to connect with new friends or existing ones. You only have to acquire legends accounts from a lol account marketplace of your choice. After that, it is as easy as connecting to your internet and downloading the game on your phone. 

2. It is the Perfect Pass time during Lockdown

You could go to your backyard and shoot some hoops, but you will eventually get bored of it and would want to do something else. With all sports and other recreational activities put on hold, sitting on your couch and playing your favorite games is a great pass time during the lockdown phase. You can always play whatever sports you like. Virtually, of course. 

You would not get the same physical benefits. However, you might still be able to capture the essence of a sporting activity you like through its video game counterpart.  Due to such reasons, people do not consider it a waste of time anymore. 

3. It helps you Stay Physically active during Lockdown

Most high-end PCs and consoles nowadays give you the ability to play VR games in the comfort of your home. The future of virtual reality gaming looks bright. It forces players to get up from their couches and move their bodies. Also, major mobile game developers have introduced the concept of virtual reality into their games. 

These games usually take the player into a virtual space focused on data gathered from the surrounding environment in real-time. It allows players to interact more with their environment, which is their home due to lockdown and gives them the physical activity required during this time of isolation.  

4. It Improves your Multitasking Skills 

A role-playing game, for example, requires a player to be observant and vigilant at all times. It forces the players to move their keys or joysticks while keeping an eye on their display. Various games’ features such as oncoming enemies, energy bar, bullets lefts, are under consideration. All of which are pivotal in winning the game they play. 

It allows the player to enhance their multitasking skills, which is a big plus during lockdown. As you stay at home more, you will be able to multitask efficiently and complete daily chores without ever having to worry about them pilling on your head. 

5. It provides you with an Opportunity to Learn during Isolation

Who says that gaming can not be fun and educational at the same time. Scientists busted this misconception a long time ago, considering that both adults and children can stay at home and learn new things if they play the relevant game. Various games are available for mobile, PCs, and consoles that adults and children can try out to increase their intellect while having fun at the same time. 

Video games that include basic mathematics concepts, alphabetical learning, or general problem solving are the perfect choices for small children growing in this phase of lockdown. Adults can also try their luck at more complex problem-solving games. It will provide their IQ a boost that they always wanted. 

6. You can become a Virtuoso in your Favorite Games6 Reasons Why Gaming is more Fun during Lockdown

During strict lockdown where nobody can get out of their homes, the best thing you can do is to play your favorite game and become a master at it. Nobody will cause a nuisance while you give time to your favorite games. You can also get better gaming gear to make your lockdown gaming experience as smooth as possible.

You could also research professional games and get inspiration from their gaming routine, emulating what they do to reach new mastery levels. But remember that if you do not have fun playing your favorite game, put down the keyboard or joystick and take a short break. 

As you have more time available and nothing to do during this lockdown, you can make it a habit of practicing playing your favorite game regularly. If the lockdown does not go away, you can always make a career out of it and earn some money. 

The Final Words

While there are many benefits you can gain from gaming regularly, do not forget that you have to do it in moderation, even during this time of lockdown. If your children play games regularly, ensure that you have strict parental controls in place. Not every game out there is suitable for children of all ages. And if you do not consider yourself to be a gamer at all, consider giving it a try. It will help you tackle boredom during the lockdown period.

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