Why Is My Mac Getting Slower

Mac computers are quite reliable devices chosen by millions of owners to solve various tasks and bring joy and the feeling of pride to people. Needless to say, when you’ve just bought a Mac device, it was a very special moment, and we are sure that your computer was fast. Unfortunately, this cannot last endlessly, and much later, you may start to experience some problems with its performance.

Why Is My Mac Getting Slower

Over time, the Mac computer can work much slower due to many reasons: it may be a clogged drive or a high number of applications that run in the background. Do not worry, this is possible to fix without wasting your time and money. It doesn’t require any special computer skills or knowledge. Just read our article to know about the main reasons that slow your device down, and get some hints on how to fix it.

1. You do not install all the needed updates on time. Sometimes an alert about new updates appears, and you just put it off because you’re busy or just do not want to do it right now. When you put off updates constantly, the Mac can start working much slower than usual. The wisest solution to fix this problem is to install updates as soon as possible after you have got a notification. Some updates may contain important issues on fixing bugs and problems of the previous versions. Do not forget to check out for new updates and install them on time, and it will help to keep your Mac on the highest level of its speed.

2. The Mac’s hard drive or SSD is almost full. Did you know it slows down the device? If you save many large documents, including photos and videos saved on Mac’s drive, it also slows the computer down because you’re very close to reaching the limit of storage for the device. To solve this issue, you should see how much free space your computer has. If less than 10% of the total amount of space is free, it means the device is getting slow due to its clogging. It’s better to sort out all the documents on it and delete unused and unnecessary ones to free up some space. If there are some important large files, we suggest moving them to the external drive.

Why Is My Mac Getting Slower

3. The Mac wasn’t restarted for weeks. This device cannot work every day without any break. If you have restarted the Mac more than a couple of weeks ago, then it’s better to restart the computer again. Besides, you can select an option to open all the current tabs in the browser and applications that were launched before restarting to save all things you were doing on the device after restarting.

4. You have too many launched apps on the device. The Mac can work much slower due to all those applications you have launched at the same time. So, check out which programs are working currently and close those apps you are not using at the moment. Of course, you still may need to have many programs to stay working, but in some cases, it can increase Mac’s performance and make it work faster and better.

5. Your computer has too many cache files saved. These are temporary documents created by the device automatically to let you surf the Internet faster. Over time, there can be too many cache files on the computer, and due to this, it may start working worse and getting slower. The solution to this problem is to clear out cache files. It can help to increase the performance in many cases, so make a new habit to delete cache from your Mac regularly.

6. The Mac was restarted with many opened programs. As we already said before, too many launched applications can slow down your device. If the device is set to launch a pile of programs after restarting, it won’t be helpful at all. You must set your device to restart again with a fewer number of applications. It’s simple to choose only the most needed apps to be launched after your computer will restart. In many cases, it helps to recover the Mac’s performance and make their owners happy.

Of course, there are many more reasons that may force the Mac to work slower. We have viewed just six of the most common of them here, and we hope that our guide was helpful. If you want to read more instructions on speeding up a slow device, please click here.

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