Believe it or not but some people still manage to find valuable emails in their inboxes. No, not all emails consist of chain letters, spam, sales letters, or emails from your great-aunt Martha asking if you are eating all your vegetables. If you visit the right websites, you can actually become subscribed to some amazing, educational, and inspiring newsletters. So, where are these elusive email newsletter lists to be found? It all has to do with what you think is interesting. If you want to know when skinny jeans are going on sale, sign up with ASOS. However, if your interest is in tech-based news stories and innovations, there are a couple of newsletters that can be suggested. Here are six newsworthy newsletters you should sign up for in 2019.


As the name suggests, you can ‘skim’ this newsletter for information that will better your life and business or read it from top to bottom. Although you would probably not actually be able to resist reading the emails that TheSkimm sends out, subscribers are recognised as being busy individuals who might not always be in the mood to read everything in front of them. Instead, TheSkimm presents news stories that you can read at your leisure. Keep up to date on international news stories, have them sent to your inbox, and look them over when it is convenient. 


If you are hoping to get better at marketing, particularly video and email marketing, then you have to subscribe to the Wistia newsletter. This website has been around for a while, surviving SEO algorithm changes, updates, and restructurings, and the advice given here is still quite relevant. With a subscription to their newsletter, you can learn how to strengthen your online marketing techniques and pick up some new tricks of the trade. 

If email marketing is your game, will find more newsletter examples here on the Sendinblue site that you can use in conjunction with the interesting things you will learn via the Wistia newsletter. Sendinblue offers some great email marketing tools you might want to check out.


Medium is a platform that anyone can sign up for and share their views with the world. As such, there are loads of opinion pieces, biographical stories, blog posts, and even debates. What’s really great about Medium is that it gives you a chance to read opposing viewpoints from some really sharp minds. So even if you feel that Brexit was not a wise choice, reading an opinion piece by someone intelligent who supports it will give you something to think about. The Medium newsletter points readers out to the hottest and sometimes most controversial stories that are making the rounds. So, if you want to learn something while you are also entertained, sign up for the Medium newsletter. 


A lot of the newsletters that people sign up for are related to personal interests. On the other side of the equation are the newsletters that can help to further your career. If your job requires you to keep in contact with clients via email then you have to know how to capture their attention. And if you own a business that is dependent on reader engagement, then you need to read the MailCharts newsletter. Sometimes, it is not about what you do but how your competitors have an edge over you.

Hacker Newsletter  

Now, this next newsletter is nothing like you think. Recipients don’t receive tips on how to actually hack websites and signing up for it won’t open you up to any danger. According to Score, around 33 percent of all business owners are still lacking a website. While they might not have to worry about being hacked, they are going to be sorry about missing out on tons of business in 2019. For the rest of the small business world, cybersecurity is a huge, almost overwhelming concern. This is why the hacker newsletter is really eye-opening. It gives subscribers information on what is going on with the latest major scale data breaches as well as suggestions on how to make their own web connections ‘hacker-proof.’


The hardest part about writing a great newsletter is actually writing it – that and being careful to avoid making any silly grammatical errors. So, don’t worry about the last time you made a spelling error on the subject line of your company newsletter. With Grammarly, you will get all of the helpful advice that you can muster. From fragments and comma splices to the importance of prepositions, you will get enough information to author a novel after reading this newsletter for a while.

Although no one really enjoys seeing their inboxes being clogged up with needless emails, actual useful newsletters are always welcome. They come just often enough as to not bog down subscribers and they always contain at least one or two helpful pieces of timely information. So, whether you are in the business of helping other business owners or are looking to make your company more relevant in 2019, these are all the newsletters you should be reading.

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