Every time we update our iPhone to latest iOS, we’re usually left with multiple new features to explore. However, some are far less obvious than others. It can often be easier to focus on the obvious and striking new aspects, meaning we forget about everything else that’s hidden away. If you want to know what you may be missing out on, we’re here to help.

Magnifying Glass

Is the font getting smaller as we get older or is it just our devices? The new magnifier feature, a gift from Apple, means we can just skip over that question and widen our horizons.

To activate this helpful feature: go to settings. Choose General and then Accessibility. Tap the slider next to Magnifier & Auto-Brightness. Click the home button three times to make the phone’s camera viewfinder with the slider visible.



Considering that the proper amount of sleep plays a large part in your overall well-being; you definitely don’t want to miss iOS 10’s healthy bedtime feature. Open your clock and tap the bedtime tab to begin your set-up.

Pick your bedtime, what time you need to wake-up and the days of the week that you want to use these alarms. This feature allows you to track your sleep time. And if you are a snoozer there’s a delicious little perk. The sounds you choose for the alarm will gradually increase in volume-instead of blaring loudly on the first warning.


Just one simple click to subscribe is all it takes, and then you end up with an overwhelming flow of unwanted mail. We all do it from time to time. Companies and organizations must provide an un-subscribe option at the bottom of their newsletter. But usually what happens when you click un-subscribe; several other layers of info appear that you must deal with to eliminate the subscription.

With the new feature of List-Unsubscribe you can unclog your inbox of unwanted newsletters with just one click.


 Mark Up Photos

Apple expanded the iPhone and iPad Pro’s photo editing abilities in iOS 10 with a new feature called Markup. This fun feature allows you to write on pictures contained inside the Photos app. This exciting feature has been hidden and a little hard to find. Follow these steps:

  • Open messages
  • Select contact to send photo to
  • Click the Camera icon
  • Select the image you want to edit
  • Click on the photo to put into conversation box, then click once more
  • Click “Markup” in the bottom left corner

The doodling attributes in photos and messages are similar, allowing eight choices of colors and three different stylus thickness options. In free-style mode, if drawing a shape, Markup will suggest a professional completed shape to help you, or you can choose to refuse the help and keep your own artistic endeavors.

Never Run Out of Storage

Although Apple devices like the iPhone 7Plus can have 32GB of memory, we all know how fast this can be filled up. A new setting with iOS 10 allows users to set up instructions through their device to automatically have songs that haven’t been played recently to be removed, with the option of retrieving it at another time. This means your storage problem will happen less often – freeing you up to enjoy more space.

Removal of Stock iOS Apps

Unwanted stock apps are now a thing of the past. Another new feature on Apple’s iOS 10 is allowing for the removal of nearly all stock apps. The following apps can now be deleted:


  • Calendar
  • Find My Friends
  • Videos
  • Tips
  • Voice Memos
  • Compass
  • iBooks
  • iTunes Store
  • Mail
  • Podcasts
  • Maps
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • FaceTime
  • Reminders
  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Music
  • News

Hopefully you can utilize and enjoy some of these hidden features that you might have otherwise overlooked. If you’ve come across any other features, let us know!

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