PC games have evolved a lot. From simple games like Mario, we now have high graphics game like Batman Arkham Knight. New PC games are launched every second day but, only a few of them stand out from the crowd. The list of good PC games if very long but, if we have to pick the best among them, the task is difficult. So, we have prepared a list of best PC games that are a must play for every gamer.

1. Grand Theft Auto V


Read any list of best games of 2015 and you will realise that GTA V will be on the top in each and every list. Created by Rockstar, the game is a worldwide phenomenon. The online multiplayer mode and the freedom to do whatever you wish to do make this make a big hit. The game is loved by everyone and thanks to the excellent graphics that even the free roam mode of the game is splendid.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

If you are a fan of fantasy and mystery games, this game will surely become your favourite. The best part about the game is its graphics in which each and every small detail is clearly shown. This is definitely not suited for light hearted people as it is filled with blood and gore. In one simple line, it is the most beautiful yet bleak game of the year.

3. Pillars of Eternity

. Pillars of Eternity

There are normal Role Playing Games, and then there is Pillars of Eternity. The best part about the game is that gamers are also associated in the development of the game as the game was crowdfunded and raised $4,163,208 making it the highest funded crowdsourced video game on Kickstarter. The main aim of the game is to find out the reason for the awakening and how to solve the problem of hollow born. Play the game and you will understand it better.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios made the day for every gamer when it launched the Batman Arkham Knight. The game was published by Warner Bros and is available on all the main problem. The story continues as Batman faces Scarecrow, who has launched a city-wide attack on Gotham. The game revolves how Scarecrow unites all Batman’s biggest enemies to destroy the most favourite DC Comic character, Batman. The game actually gives you an incredible experience of being Batman as you can use various futuristic gadgets and tools to fight the evil.

5. Counter Strike

Counter Strike

You really thought we were going to miss the most loved game in the universe? The aim of the game is as simple as it can be. Just don’t get killed and kill as many enemies as you can. You either play terrorist or counter-terrorist, and you have to kill all the members of the opposite team.  Regular online gaming tournaments are also organised where you can win a significant amount of money. You can also play free casino games on the net to make more money. Try out the free casino of Vipclubcasino to know more about free casino games.

6. Need For Speed

Need For Speed

It would be an exaggeration if we say that NFS is currently one of the most popular racing in the world. No matter whether you are professional gamers or not, everyone has played NFS for once in their life. Be it the Most Wanted or Underground, the users loved each and every version of the game, and now we all are anxiously waiting for the next version in the series.

Final Verdict

The number of PC games is increasing day by day and the day is not far when it will become impossible actually to finish one game before starting a new game. Well, no matter how much it evolves, we all know that Mario will remain our all-time favourite. Agree?

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