5 Ways to Turn Tech Into Cash

by Dan

The modern home is filled with gadgets and devices that we use on a daily basis, as well as those that we use a bit less frequently but we bought because it was the in thing at the time, (like digital photo frames for example).

While it’s great to be able to say you own the latest tablets, smartphones, televisions, games consoles and other forms of tech, and even better to be able to use them, they do need to be stored somewhere and that takes up valuable space and, most importantly, they cost an awful lot of money when you sit down and add up the cost of all your gadgets.

Having built up a staggering collection of gadgets, it’s often surprising to discover (or rediscover) how many ‘old’ bits of tech we have lying around in our bedrooms or in cupboards and drawers. We’re now on the sixth version of the iPhone, for example, and the chances are that if you now own the recently released iPhone 6 then you’ve probably got at least an iPhone 4 or 4S – maybe even a 5 – kicking around your home doing nothing other than gathering dust despite being in perfectly usable condition, and in high demand from someone else who might take it off your hands.

On that note, it’s definitely worth looking into ways of turning your unwanted gadgets into some vital cash, especially if you’re thinking about investing in more tech in the near future or ahead of the next product update. Here are five ways to do just that:

Classified Ads

These adverts first appeared in newspapers many years ago now, and now they have moved online. You can use sites like Facebook marketplace to advertise your items to people who might be interested and then they can either ask you questions about the product, maybe negotiating with you to get the best deal for all concerned, or they might just buy it from you there and then. Either way, it’s cash in your account.

Sell It Online


There are a number of different websites that will give you prices for your old or unwanted tech and these prices will vary according to the make, model and condition. Few websites will give customers the best price they can for old phones, tablets and other devices in return for cash and they can then recycle the gadget, sell it on to new customers or donate them to charity depending on which site you do the deal with.


There is also a lot of money to be had in the refurbished gadgets market. While people might be unable to afford a brand new model, and skeptical of buying an out-of-date version for fear of being ‘uncool’, if you can do some work on the device such as having the RAM upgraded or the software updated so that it is essentially a modern version of an old model, then you increase the likelihood of being able to make a sale – although this may require some investment to actually make a decent profit.

Sell For Parts

Sometimes you just can’t get rid of an old device, a bit like an old car. However, you can break the device down and sell it on for parts such as the motherboard or graphics card which may be perfectly good for someone else to use and you can sell off your old computer parts bit by bit. It’s a slow burner and you’ll still have to get rid of some parts yourself that nobody has much need for, but any money in your pocket is a good thing.

Online Auction

The final option is possibly the most obvious. Millions of people use sites like eBay and Amazon every day, but selling your old tech on these shopping and auction sites is an almost guaranteed way of making a sale if you can provide decent images, detailed descriptions and a fair price.

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