One thing that is constant about modern technology and cuts across all fields is that it is a catalyst for change. The gaming industry is no exception as it has also been affected by this change. Currently, players can enjoy having better experiences while playing video games courtesy of the improvement in technology.  Technology is known to present games in a different manner and these five points should highlight to you just how much modern technology has impacted the gaming world.

1) High quality games played through the internet

The fact that gamers can play console quality games on any internet based gadget is a huge contribution made by modern technology. Most of these high definition games are of super quality hence giving the player a better experience than when playing through a console. With the expected launching of Onlive on tablets and smartphones, the entire gaming industry is expected to change.

tablet gaming

2) Affordability of video games

Modern technology has brought about the so called bite-sized games. In principle, these games are available for download from different platforms such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Compared to the conventional home consoles games, the bite games are relatively cheaper. These games have attracted a huge fan base something which is expected to continue for a foreseeable future. One thing worth mentioning is that the fact that the bite-sized games are cheap does not compromise their quality. As a matter of fact, there are some games such as the Infinity Blade whose graphics rival the likes of PlayStation 2.

3) Engage fellow players online

Courtesy of modern technology, it is now possible to play with some of your friends online without necessarily having them come over. This was not a possibility in the early days. As for the multiplayer games, players used to invite friends over so that they could hold a contest. Nowadays, players can actually hold contests with one another regardless of their geographical location. Technology has made it possible for players to enjoy online games even when their opponents are not available. The fact that you can play all popular games on Royal Vegas online casino without actually going to casino is truly remarkable. These are just but a few of the changes that modern technology has been able to bring to the industry.

3d gaming

4) Enjoy a 3D experience even without glasses

Technology has been effecting its changes to the gaming world in a gradual manner. First, the Nintendo DS made changes to the mobile gaming world by unleashing the twin screen and the touch based controls. This was later on followed by the 3D display. The technology makes use of the parallax barrier. Here, the 3DS screen tricks the player’s eyes to see some specific pixels. One eye sees a specific image and the other eye is treated to a different image. In an ideal scenario, this display gives you an illusion of a 3D image.

5) Cartridges and portable disks are being phased out

The introduction of the digital distribution service Steam by Valve in 2003 started this milestone. With Steam released, it introduced a new era where games could be downloaded directly from the internet making disks less relevant.

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