Automation seems to be the way of the future for businesses. Not only does it eliminate human error, but it also makes tasks of varying difficulty far simpler to handle. In essence, it can increase your company’s efficiency. If you’re worried about replacing your employees’ jobs, don’t be. Unless it’s a major program, this form of technology only makes each worker’s job easier to complete. If you’re interested in using this method yourself, here are five things your business should automate.


“Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, a global regulatory compliance company.”

1. Reception

Handling reception can be strenuous, especially during busy times of the day. You could end up losing customers if a message or call goes unanswered for too long, but this is sometimes impossible to avoid. This is where automation comes in handy with reception. While you can still have someone at the front desk, messages to your company could be instantly acknowledged. For instance, a call answering service can receive and direct calls with little to no delay, thus allowing your clients to be helped immediately. You could also automate e-mail responses that don’t require any in-depth writing. Frequently asked questions, for example, may be responded to with a previously recorded answer.


2. Sales Reminders 

Sales is a crucial part of any business, so ensuring that it’s carried out efficiently is vital. One way you can supervise this is by automating sales reminders. This refers to the messages you send your customers to regain interest. While you should avoid sending out constant spam, these reminders can bring back clients if done correctly. Part of this is in the timing. Once you’ve sold something, you can direct your system to send the customer an e-mail. This could contain a statement of gratitude, contact information, and even a feedback request. Then, after a certain amount of time has passed (perhaps the time it would take to finish your product) your system will send a promotional message. Since the timing is beneficial for the customer, you’re acting as a reminder instead of a pest.

3. Social Media Posts

Most marketing teams these days utilize social media. It provides a way to reach international clients while humanizing your brand. However, these platforms can be difficult to handle. After all, a successful social media account requires posting on a regular basis. Since users scroll past countless posts each day, yours won’t be remembered without consistency. If this is proving too cumbersome, there are programs that can help. Many simply have you write out a series of posts that can span a week, or even a month. Then, the program will submit each one at the proper time. 

4. Bank Payments 

Messing up payments to your bank could cause serious problems. You don’t want to lose your lighting or running water. Unfortunately, forgetting to pay your bills can be easy, especially during busy seasons. Not to mention that the payment process requires writing several checks, which is never fun. If this is something you’re worried about, you might want to set up an automated payment system. Just don’t forget you did it in the future.


5. Schedule Reminders

Keeping to your schedule and ensuring others do the same is essential. You don’t want to lose precious time over a mix-up. One way to make your scheduling system more efficient is by using various programs. If you want to ensure that everyone has the same calendar, you can share it with your team through Google or Outlook. If you need to avoid missing appointments, use a reminder app or something similar. You can even automate reminder e-mails that would be sent to your employees. Once you’ve done this, there are no longer viable excuses for missing deadlines.

Automation can sound frightening when it’s brought up. Your mind may go to the robot uprisings Hollywood loves to portray. Despite this, it’s often incredibly helpful to businesses. At its essence, automation takes human predeterminations and places it into machines. If you use automation, the time your employees might have spent forming these determinations can now be used for better tasks. This isn’t to say that you need to become completely dependent on robots, but you should consider implementing forms of automation into your company. It may turn out to be a game-changer.

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