using twitter the wrong wayA power lies within the palms of our two hands. It is something, if used correctly, so powerful that it can either make or destroy you! It’s called… Twitter!

Twitter is a very powerful social networking tool used widely for both personal and business activities. Plenty of businesses have proven it to be an effective medium to promote and advertise their goods! However, if you do not use Twitter the right way, you may end up with detrimental results! Here, in this article, we will take a look at 5 actions that do not help your business at all!

Let us first take get a brief impression of how companies use twitter for marketing.

Studies have shown that using twitter for marketing agendas is more effective than Facebook. It’s easy to think that this is impossible because of Twitter’s 140 character limit. So what gives?  Matt Labra, Business Development Specialist for AdInflent, says “Twitter is an excellent marketing tool because it creates and shapes conversations. Social media is basically a group of people talking to each other which I think is the best marketing method.”

Take this guy Curtis Kimball whom I read about in He started up this crème cart in San Francisco with only twitter as his main marketing tool. For three weeks, only friends of Curtis visited his cart. On his third week he got a little surprise when a stranger had fallen in line to try his desserts! The man had read about the Crème cart on twitter! I think this proves that twitter, when used correctly is extremely effective!

5 ways you’re doing it wrong!

1.Tweeting too much.

Seriously, we don’t need to know how you brush your teeth, or what you ate for breakfast! This is in fact spamming, and it can be very annoying! If you post every 2 minutes about irrelevant and uninteresting bits and pieces of your life, chances are you will fail to connect to your target market! So if you’re running a business and you want to have a successful and enjoyable voyage on twitter, don’t spam!

2.Too much irrelevant information.

Job well done on not spamming though the coast is not yet clear of all danger! You may not be tweeting every minute about what you ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but you may be posting too much material not relevant to any aspect of your business!  Just avoid talking too much about ice cream if you’re selling footwear.

using twitter the wrong way3.Hard selling… all the time.

Twitter is more effective when you are able to connect to your followers. You might not be able to establish a good connection if all your tweets lead to a sales pitch! People will gladly take in material which is informative, insightful and helpful to them. This forms bonds between you and your potential clients, and with these bonds come better opportunities to sell! A sales tweet here and there is better received when there is respect for the seller.  So, make a connection and the sales will follow!

4.Not enough posts.

They say too much of everything is bad! I say not posting enough tweets is even worse! You may be doing well in the beginning stages, but without consistency you will eventually doom yourself to failure! Marketing on twitter requires commitment! Your followers have to see regular updates from you otherwise they will forget you ever even existed! Worse comes to worst they might even delete you from their list! We definitely don’t want that! Keep your followers updated!

5.No interaction.

You may be doing well in the 4 points stated above yet still fail in your twitter endeavor! You may be getting a lot of traffic but if you don’t respond to those who try to get in touch with you, then you’re only half way there! Again, connecting to your followers is the most important detail you must take note of. You cannot make a connection if you avoid interaction from the community!

To sum this all up, Effective Twitter Management is powerful! ‘With great power comes great responsibility!’ Indeed! It’s not only the super-heroes who should abide by this famed decree, we less powerful beings would also benefit if we take uncle Ben’s words to heart! I hope you take these 5 No No’s to heart and stay as far away from them as possible!

Author bio:
+Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of Business Management at Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

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