There are so many advancements in the modern age, especially modifications on household equipment that make life that much simpler. These days, things can get done at the touch of a button and we can access almost anything from our cellular telephones. 

5 smart solutions for home windows

Technological advancements in windows seek to make our homes more comfortable and safe. Windows are our visual portals and technology has begun impacting the design and functionality of our household windows. Much of the popular smart home improvements has reaped tremendous rewards in many areas of the home such as heating, electricity, security and entertainment. 

  1. Window and door sensor: this simple yet effective sensor can notify home owners whether their home windows and doors are closed properly, just by accessing their smart phones. This is possible because the sensor synchronises with your smart home ecosystem, then sends the information to the application of your smart phone. The installation is simple and discreet but will give you peace of mind whenever you aren’t at home. You will also be able to monitor the safety of your home from anywhere that you may travel to. All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection to access the smart home ecosystem.
  2. Smart tint: this film is unusual and can be applied to any window replacement, new window or existing window as long as the glass surface is smooth. You will be able to control opacity with just the click of a button or a quick selection on your smart device. When it is off, it will appear frosty and opaque however it will become completely transparent once it is switched on. The special film may be purchased in a self-adhesive or non-adhesive version. 
  3. Smart glass: this product is different because it is an actual smart window glass. The panel glass changes their appearance and light control once it has received some sort of stimulus (heat, sunlight). You will be able to instantly darken your room or control the light and tint levels on your windows. 
  4. Glass apps smart glass: this smart glass solution is a laminated glass solution which contains Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal film that is sandwiched between two layers of glass and 2 conductive interlayers. You will be able to change the complete look of the window glass from clear to opaque with just a command. With this feature you can control the amount of light, heat and privacy that you experience in any given space in your home. It is simply perfect for transforming the look and feel of any room and is especially useful in bathrooms for privacy. 
  5. View glass: this invention is currently already found in places of work, healthcare facilities and many government buildings however it will soon be coming to residential homes. With this technology, you will not need blinds to protect your home from the glare and heat entering your home. It is controlled by a mobile application on your Android or Apple smartphone as well as real time sensors and predictive weather feeds. The windows are able to gather information, using an internet connection, which allows them to respond to the date, time and weather automatically. 

Other smart window inventions

  • Velux skylights – this allows homeowners to control the light and air in their homes with a simple selection on their smart devices. The skylights are high-tech and save you money as they are powered by a solar panel. When it is about to rain, the rain sensor will automatically close the skylight.
  • Sage glass – this glass has been especially formulated to decrease the energy that is needed to warm and cool your home by using integrated solar panels for self-contained power. It also utilises wireless interface for control and the homeowner is at liberty to alter the settings with their remote or smart device. Solar cells in these windows are concealed inconspicuously. You will even be able to change the windows to dim or warm and airy when you are not at home. 

There are so many major developments in smart window technology and each expects to make life better and easier for the user. Many of these advancements are a work in progress however they are constantly improving and bettering their functionality for the user. The initial cost of installing these items may be slightly higher than traditional versions however they allow homeowners more time to enjoy their homes without stressing the small stuff. 

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