If you were in any doubt about the popularity of WordPress the fact that well about a quarter of all websites use this versatile content management system (CMS).

The other piece of the jigsaw puzzle is to find a WordPress UK Hosting solution and you will be good to go with a website for your business that is powered by a popular system that ticks all the right boxes whether you are a complete novice to web design or someone who is considered to be tech-savvy.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why business owners love WordPress so much.

It’s a no brainer from a cost perspective

5 Reasons Business Owners Love WordPress so Much

If you are running a small business you will always want to keep an eye on your overheads and when you consider that WordPress doesn’t charge you to use it even if you are running a commercial website it makes a lot of financial sense to use it.

It’s good to go in no time

Another compelling reason for choosing WordPress for your business website is that it has been designed to be ready to use the moment your installation of the software is complete.

You don’t have to worry about configuration either and all you have to focus on is customizing how the pages look and sorting out your plug-ins, all of which are offered as part of the installation process.

Great for SEO purposes

Any business relies on its website to gain some valuable online exposure and you always want to try and do what you can to make yourself as visible as possible to all of the major search engines.

The good news on that score is that WordPress is widely considered to be SEO friendly and the general perception is that the likes of Google tend to rank a website using WordPress higher than one that doesn’t.

The reason for this is down to WordPress’s CMS framework which is designed to allow search engines to crawl more easily.

Security is always a key issue

Any vulnerability in the security features of your website could be exposed by hackers but WordPress enjoys a solid reputation for having great built-in security measures that are designed to try and thwart the hackers.

Ready for smartphone users

The majority of the audience visiting your website will be doing so using their smartphone and if your site is not mobile-friendly it could easily deter potential customers who will be frustrated by a poor browsing and navigational experience.

You should also be aware that Google will likely apply a lower ranking to websites that aren’t mobile-friendly which means you won’t be seen by many people when search results are returned.

WordPress is a good choice for your business in this respect as most of the themes it offers are automatically responsive, allowing your audience to enjoy a great viewing experience even when they are using the smartphone to look at your site.

These are just some of the persuasive reasons why you will probably enjoy what WordPress has to offer if you are a business owner.

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