Online marketing is vital to the success and popularity of any website. Did you know that the Internet comprises of one billion websites? As you can imagine, competition is fierce for virtually any industry or topic! If you want to supercharge your site’s popularity, what are the best ways of doing so? Here are five proven online marketing strategies you need to consider for your business:

1. PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

pay per click

PPC marketing is where you pay for digital ads on search engines and other websites. Before you embark on a campaign, be sure to set up variations of your landing pages. That way, you’ll spend less money on your PPC budgets. The following info graphic describes the importance of A/B testing:

2. Guest post on blogs

Part of your marketing strategy should be to portray yourself as an industry expert. You can guest post on influential blogs to increase your brand awareness. Plus, you can use them as platforms to discuss and debate topics you have lots of knowledge in.

3. Video marketing

Sites like YouTube make it easy to publish videos on just about any topic. Businesses use such sites to promote their brands in various ways. Examples include demo videos and ones showing how their products can solve certain problems.

Video marketing

4. Social networking

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are popular with billions of people. Your business should be taking advantage of social media. The best bit is, you can create a profile on most social networks for free!

5. Press releases

Journalists are hungry for stories! If you’ve got something interesting to say, one way to do so is through a press release.

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