The market is literally flooded with numerous apps but there are only a handful of them, which become immensely popular with the masses. Its imperative that  professional Android application development companies derive inspiration from them; this will help them develop innovative apps for their clients in the future.

Let’s take a look at five popular apps that are an inspiration for  every company that wants to develop highly innovative and extremely engaging applications


Geared is an innovative and addictive puzzle based game app which provides as many as 150 levels of gameplay. The most interesting part of the game is that users can skip to any level of their choice or choose to reset the level – a feature which is not seen in many apps. Also, users can play this gear-based game without worrying about tracking their progress, as the app saves it automatically. The app is unique because of its innovative theme/original idea and this is why it is such a hit with the users.

Fruit Ninja (Free)

Fruit Ninja is yet another game app on this list. A simple interface and a cute, fruit-based theme are its USP, which make it popular among the masses. This app converts users into true blue “Ninjas” who recklessly swish and chop various fruits by swiping across the screen with their fingertips.

Fruit Ninja consists of three game modes – Classic, Zen and new Arcade, which make even the first time user completely addicted to it.

Million moments

The app “million moments” helps users turn their precious captured moments into albums by year to browse them at leisure. For example, they can import pictures related to their kids’ growing years or manage their travel photos and the app creates an album automatically for them. Additionally, they can import photos from their Facebook accounts or from picture library in their devices, which are then automatically sorted by date and displayed with up to five pictures per page. The app also contains an easy sharing option that lets users post a page of their album on Facebook, which is an advantage for frequent Facebook users.


Formerly called ‘Read It Later’, the Pocket app is the best way to save and view various articles, videos, blogs and similar other material from the web. Since the app automatically syncs with smartphones, tablets or desktops, users can view interesting reading materials, videos etc. any time they want and that too without the need of an internet connection. The app is easy on the eyes too and users can see their materials in an easy-to-view layout.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger not only works with Android devices, but also with other smartphones using which users message their friends and families, share audio notes, images and video messages, use group chat etc.

Messaging becomes simple and seamless with features of this app like – no international charges for sending messages, no need of any PIN name/username, no need to log in/out, no need to add buddies as it automatically connects with users’ contacts etc. Also, even if users miss their push notifications or turn off their phone, their messages will get saved and they can view them when they use the app.

Thus, professional Android app companies can get inspired from the apps mentioned above and develop some of their own, innovative apps for the end-users.

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