Nearly everyone today uses some type of technology from cell phones to computers at work. New technologies create a large amount of excitement even in average consumers who see new possibilities with the devices. Some of these technologies are unlike anything that has been seen in common use before. Five new technologies will bring out the geek in almost anyone.

1. Google Glass

Google Glass is a pair of glasses that have a miniature camera, microphone and computer all mounted on the side of the frame. The glasses use a wireless transmitter to connect to the Internet. The glasses allow the wearer to check email, record videos and upload pictures. The computer on the frame is noticeable although the mobile functionality will bring out the geek in anyone.

2. Three-Dimensional (3D) Printers

There are a dozen different 3D printers now available for close to the same cost as a high-quality home printer. These printers use liquid plastics and heat in order to construct a 3D object in layers. Hundreds of 3D designs are available online and average people can use modeling programs to create new designs. A 3D printer will bring out the geek in a person especially since many units require some tweaking in order to function properly.

3. Wireless Home Monitoring

Wireless home monitoring systems use a network of sensors in the home to relay information to a futuristic interface on a mobile device or a laptop. The user can use the app to check the status of secure doors on home security systems or to check the levels of carbon monoxide in the basement. Some interfaces even display real-time crime statistics and the state of the sensors in the home to provide maximum security and information all from a single app.

4. Gesture Inputs

Several new devices including digital televisions and smart phones are starting to use gesture inputs. Standalone gesture input sensors can be plugged into a mobile device or computer. This allows a person to use simple hand gestures to trigger different functions. Gesture inputs are fun to use and will bring out the geek in anyone.

5. Smart Watches

Smart watches incorporate microprocessors, small color displays and stripped-down operating systems similar to what is found on a smart phone. The watches can load some mobile websites. They can also run custom apps that allow wearers to find other people with a similar watch and app. Smart watches provide some advanced functionality in a small and wearable device that is barely noticeable.

Technologies that bring out the geek in people are usually exciting and new. They draw a large amount of attention and slowly start to become part of everyday life. The technologies offer new opportunities to explore the world in different ways.

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