When it comes to app development, iPhone developers catch all the breaks. But Android has secured a large chunk of the market, with owners of Android phones clamoring for the variety of apps available on that other phone.

android-developmentIf you’re a newcomer to app development, Android needs your apps. You don’t have to pay large sums of money for a college class. All the resources you need are available at your fingertips. Here are a few useful resources to put you on the road to developing Android apps.

  • TheNewBoston—This free YouTube video series on Android application development is free. For those who learn better through visual demonstration, watching someone walk you through the steps of installing the necessary software and using the various buttons and functions inside that software will likely be much more effective than book learning.
  • Android Developers Guide—If you’re a more advanced developer, this free resource guide at the Android Developers site includes detailed information about the Android framework. The site also includes how-to videos and forums filled with other Android developers who can help you with any questions you have.
  • Stack Overflow—Stack Overflow is another site to add to your favorites as you begin to learn Android development. You’ll have questions about how to do specific things as you go and Stack Overflow can help you with those. Search other questions and answers or post your own.
  •—This site provides tutorials on a variety of software applications, many centering on software development. offers a section featuring Android app development, with its session, “Android App Development with Essential Java Training” lasting more than seven hours. Access to is not free—subscriptions start at $25 a month—but the courses are taught by top professionals in their area. So you’ll learn Android development from an Android development expert.
  • Mobile Tuts+—If you’ve already learned Java for other programming languages and simply need to learn how Java applies to Android Development, Mobile Tuts+ can help. This online written tutorial is available completely free of charge, beginning with the tools you’ll need, a description of Java, and a description of object-oriented programming. Once you’ve gotten that background down, you’ll move on to learning how to work with arrays and the basics of string.

Thanks to the wealth of information available on the web, you no longer have to invest in a college course to learn the basics of Android development. These resources allow you to learn at home, at your own pace, keeping the material to refer back to as you begin developing apps.

Stefanie Faris writes for Infragistics, a leading provider of user interface tools for web application platforms like Sharepoint.

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