If you have bought your first computer or laptop, or have inherited a second-user one, there are a plethora of completely free software programmes available. Here are five I would consider as must-haves.

Antivirus Software:

If there’s one thing all computers need in this day and age its quality antivirus software. One of the best is the Avast programme. Completely ICSA certified, the free version for home use only, is simplicity itself to install and use. Once installed, the software will begin to automatically scan your computer for viruses, dumping any suspicious file into the Virus Chest, and informing you of the problem. Pull up the ‘on demand’ interface and you can scan any suspicious files you wish. For instance, an email from an unknown source, one of the most common ways to have your computer infected, can be checked for malicious content, before it has the chance to do any harm.

Stress Relief 2:

stress-relief-2-5 Must Have Pieces of Computer Software You Can Get For Free

No matter how long you have your computer or laptop, whether for work or play, the time will come when you want to launch it through the window. Or maybe throw a hammer through the screen, well now you can, or fill it full of holes with a gun, chop it up with a chainsaw, incinerate it with a flame thrower, and a plethora of other ways, until those good old stress levels return to normal.

Adobe Flash Player:

Recognised as the industry norm for playing fast, small multimedia buttons, flying logos, animations and creating graphics in Macromedia Flash. Flash Player also supports MP3 streaming audio, interactive interfaces, and text entry fields. Compatible with a wide range of browsers, check to ensure you download the version suitable for your browser.

TV 5:

If you’re using a fibre optic broadband internet connection, and enjoy your television programmes, then TV5 is for you. This extremely simple to use application will provide you with 1700, easy to find worldwide TV channels. Emulating your normal television, it includes over 90, 24/7 music video channels, and over 1,000 radio channels in various languages.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:

5 Must Have Pieces of Computer Software You Can Get For Free-firefox

If you use Chrome or Internet Explorer as your browser, why would you want another? I guess the short answer is, you don’t. Mozilla Firefox though, is one of the most popular browsers available for the ‘net. A browser which provides the flexibility you need to customise it for your own requirements. Now sporting a re-designed interface, it provides a larger viewing area, with easy to reach features from the top right-hand corner.

This free browser really does have everything you need. Better privacy and security settings, plugins, live bookmarks, themes and extensions are all available. The customisation option allows easy removal or addition of the features you use most of.

Add-ons such as the Lightbeam, which allows you to see who’s trying to watch you online. Or the ability to use the private browsing facility, so others can’t track your browsing history. Get the free download and have it on your desktop, believe me, before long it will be your browser of choice.

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