The idea of camping is very tempting; waking up surrounded by pure nature away from all the city noise and traffic with nothing to do but breathe in clear air and listen to the sound of birds. All of this while surrounded by your friends or family and open skies – very tempting, right?

However, anyone who ever went camping knows that the magic stops the minute you arrive – being surrounded by the wild has many disadvantages and we all like our comfort. It would be ideal to be maximally comfy, surrounded by all the devices you need and still be in nature – which is now completely doable. Therefore, if you were hesitant about camping, the next list will definitely change your mind because, with these items, you will be completely cozy.

Solar Lamp

Getting around in nature is difficult as it is – you need to pay attention to absolutely everything around you to avoid falling down or getting injured in some way. The whole situation gets worse when there’s no more daylight.

For you to be confident that you’re moving in the right direction and to actually see what’s in front of you clearly so you can avoid falling in a ditch, you should get a solar lamp. They are quite durable nowadays and they get charged by themselves, so you don’t need to carry extra batteries with you.

Mini Espresso Machine

If you’re anything like me and if morning isn’t your favorite part of the day; and, if a cup of coffee is necessary for you to be able to talk and function, camping may look like a nightmare. It’s highly difficult to prepare anything – even a cup of coffee.

No one should be denied their daily dose of caffeine which is why you should bring a mini espresso machine with you. It would be just like when you make it at home – put in your favorite filling and your coffee will be there in a minute.

Wireless Earbuds

The golden rule of camping is less is more. Trying to pack your whole apartment and bringing it with you will just be a terrible hustle; climbing with a heavy load on your back and in your hands isn’t anyone’s idea of comfort. And another thing – being crowded with stuff and having cables around your neck will only make you more prone to hazards.

Therefore, you shouldn’t go camping without wireless earbuds, but do make sure to explore your options. There are different types and you should spend time selecting, so that you can find a pair that won’t fall out of your ears.

Waterproof Speakers

The natural environment is truly beautiful but it’s highly hazardous. Every piece of equipment you take with you is in danger of falling off a cliff or falling in nearby water. So, if you’re already trying to make yourself maximally comfortable, music is a definite must, but do make sure to bring waterproof speakers with you just in case. Speakers can be quite pricy and the damage that can be done in the wild is usually very difficult to repair.

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Safety App

Naturally, you will bring your smartphone with you, but do make sure to download an informative app which will also offer safety related advice. There are many apps like this and their purpose is to educate you about the environment you’re in and warn you about the possible wildlife you may encounter. In addition, they usually have safety tips that will guide you through dealing with an injury. Being in nature can be quite dangerous and you should be prepared for everything.

There – you see – nature doesn’t seem like a terribly uncomfortable place now. Spending time in nature has a magnificent effect on your physical and mental health and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of something like that, especially now when you won’t miss absolutely anything from your home.

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