Subway Surfers rome

Android completely snatched the Smart Phone Market and left very small space for other mobile OS’s.This tremendous growth of Android resulted a healthy fight between worlds Top smart phone makers as well as Top App Makers.

From early 2013,Top Android App makers are continuously releasing new Apps and Games as Android growth is ever time high.

Here I am presenting you the top 5 most addictive Android Games as of 2013.Also vote for your favorit game at the end of this article.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers rome

A game inspired by Temple Run but the developers have worked hard to bring best gaming experience.It is one of the most addictive game ever released and reason for its massive success is ability connect with your friends on Facebook.

Its latest version called Subway Surfers:Rome brings you HD gaming experience and many new gameplay add ons.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Unorthodox Racing game based on physics.The Game play is really simple,You need to chase the coins continuously and refill the Gas which will be available in certain distance.The beauty of this game is you can perform stunts and you will get bonus points for doing so.

There are different terrains from Country side to alien planet,The friction and gravity differs on each terrain.

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash

After massive success of Diamond Dash on Facebook,Wooga finally released it for Android fans.The Gameplay is really simple and addictive.Within 60 seconds you need to match 3 or as many gems as you can.

You can connect with your Facebook friends and get badges for winning weekly competitions.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

An Award winning PC games is now on Android.Minecraft is all about building with available blocks and going adventurous.

There are two modes available : Survival Mode and Creative Mode.In Survival mode you need to feed yourself and find blocks inorder to continue the game.In creative mode you get unlimited resources and huge space to show your creativity.

Temple Run : Oz

Temple Run OZ

Its is a latest Temple release by Imangi studios partnered with Disney.The gameplay is based on characters and locations from the film Oz the Great and Powerful.After sloppy start with Temple run 2,Imangi finally produced a master piece.

If you are a Temple Run fan then this game will be your lifetime favorite.

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