The power of the Internet combined with the power of smart phones gives business managers valuable tools for running their business on the go. Instant access to information, new communication techniques and useful visualizations can all help a business operate more effectively. Here are five iPhone tools that allow managers, CEOs and owners to run their business more effectively.

Cisco WebEx

Virtual meetings have been growing in popularity for years. The speed provided by modern, high-speed Internet connections allows streaming of voice and video data effectively and reliably. Cisco’s WebEx meeting platform is one of the most often used platforms. In past years, attendees of a WebEx meeting were forced to sit at a desktop or laptop; the iPhone interface is changing that and allowing attendees to share information and opinions anywhere a data connection is available. WebEx’s iPhone app increases the places from which one can attend a virtual meeting even further than the desktop and laptop versions allowed.


Expensify provides instantly-updated expense reporting and a wide range of tools to help analyze a company’s expenses. Expensify allows managers to file their expenses instantly instead of dealing with an ever-growing stack of receipts. This app is capable of synchronizing itself with credit cards, allowing real-time, instant information that can be used to run analyses from any location with WiFi or cellular networking. The tool provides an attractive, easy-to-read interface. For times when it is necessary to have a printed record of past expenses, Expensify can generate a PDF file with the information necessary for traditional financial reporting and analysis.


Business managers and other staff members who meet clients and suppliers are often faced with an increasingly large collection of business cards. Often, the number of cards that must be carried reaches the point that a dedicated business card holder is necessary to prevent one’s wallet from bursting. CamCard offers a solution for the digital age by automatically scanning business cards and extracting the relevant data. For those about to attend a conference, this tool can provide relief from the constant influx of new business cards. The data CamCard collects can be stored in a database or spreadsheet, which allows business managers to scan for relevant data and avoid forgetting about a potentially important contact.

Roambi: Business Intelligence

Business analysis can be a tedious, mind-numbing chore. When staring at a basic spreadsheet, the information can be difficult to consider properly; graphs, charts and other visualization tools are tremendously useful. When it comes to providing attractive and informative visualization tools, Roambi: Business Intelligence is considered one of the top tools on the market. Its back-end implementation allows users to gather information from a wide variety of sources, and the visualizations it provides are easy to read even on small iPhone screens. Files can be exported for later use in meetings or presentations. For businesses trying to operate as effectively as possible, this tool can lead to valuable insights.

Scanner Pro

Even though businesses are moving more of their activities online, paper is still a dominant force in the business world. When faced with printed information, many businesses add the documents to a growing stack of pages to be scanned later. Scanner Pro allows users to use their iPhone’s camera to quickly scan documents from any location. When this information is made available for a company’s staff as quickly as possible, managers and other staff members are able to incorporate it within their analyses more quickly. Scanner Pro can make the difference between having a useful document and having one that languishes, unused, in a back room.

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