Although being present online makes it easier for you to improve your sales, you can still use other technology advancements for higher sales. 

With such technologies, you don’t just improve your sales, but you also operate at lower costs and manage your inventories effectively, among many other benefits.

The warehouse technologies are numerous, making it easier for you to choose a single one for a specific area of your business or multiple ones that work together. The choice depends on whether you have a particular need and whether you can only afford one or many technologies.

Internet Of Things

Although it’s usually referred to as technology, the Internet of Things cannot be classified as one technology but rather a concept of merging of technologies. 

Its effectiveness is, however, unquestionable as it can transform the way businesses operate. IoT can be used on both manual and automated aspects of a warehouse and can provide a connection that makes everything seamless. 

The resulting network is usually easy to access, which leads to the optimization of inventory systems and labor production.

It also improves customer experience, which will help you get return customers. The number of people using the internet is expected to keep increasing, which means more businesses will be using the platform. This shows that IoT is the future.

Warehouse Management Systems

WMS are systems that help in improving productivity within the warehouse as well as general operations. The methods can also be used on mobile gadgets to manage inventory effectively and at cheaper costs. 

WMS integrates all your essential data and displays them on one platform that can be accessed by authorized personnel. The mobile software improves transactions faster and easier by making the data transparent and easily understandable. 

Warehouses that have taken up such management system technologies tend to be safer with faster operations. They also operate at lower costs and get better returns on investments. All these lead to more profits for the company. 

JD Edwards Managed Services can help you incorporate this technology into your warehouse.

Machine To Machine Technology

Also known as M2M, machine to machine technology can help you monitor all the mechanical aspects of your business. 

You can get more from this technology if you combine it with warehouse management systems. Such collaboration will help you control all your equipment efficiency, leading to better and quality production. 

Another benefit of this technology is that it makes it easier to collect information. This simplifies the verification processes on production, which in turn helps you make informed decisions faster. You’ll also be able to meet orders without compromising the quality of the products.

Automatic Guided Vehicles

Using technology that improves your inventory, storage, and production isn’t enough. You also need technology that will improve your delivery. Self-driving vehicles are the perfect solution as they will make the retrieval process of the products more accessible. 

This is a technology that has been taken by many business owners, but the tests are done to prove that the AVGs are capable of delivering better performance than manual labor. They are safer, faster, and can give better returns. 

They have features and functions that make them useful within the containers as well as in the receiving process.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies are increasingly becoming popular in warehouses. The technology, such as smart glasses, increases efficiency in the warehouse by allowing employees to work “hands-free.” 

Other wearable technologies are smartwatches that not only help you keep track of your employees behavior and work input but also helps in ensuring the customer’s needs are met. You’ll be able to monitor the customer service delivery to your employees. 

Voice control headsets are another example, but they have been around for a long time. You can use them together with ERP systems to receive real-time updates of the inventory.


These technologies help you create a better connection with your customers, improve your production levels as well as the quality of your products and services. 

You’ll be able to meet your clients’ demands easily and will keep track of their needs as they evolve. This will give you an advantage over your competitors and make your business flourish. You can get the technologies from JD Edwards Managed Services and enjoy managing your business. 

The technologies are robust and scalable, making them perfect for the future of your business. Whatever the size of your business, you can apply them, and they will work.

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Chris Giarratana is the co-founder of StrategyBeam, an Orlando marketing agency, where he works with small businesses. He specializes in SEO marketing, Google AdWords management, and copywriting services.

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