2017 is already here and as usual, the gaming lovers are eagerly waiting to see what’s new in the gaming platform. Whether it be computer games, mobile games, PlayStation gaming, we’re all anxious to see what’s popping in 2017. The gaming industry offers just the perfect genre for almost everyone with a knack for gaming.

These gaming apps are purely for entertainment and even business. Some online casino websites such as Casino.com use Playtech software to run their operations. This shows how far gaming apps have intruded the business world.

Whether you’re one of those hardcore elitists that “dream, walk and talk” gaming, or you’re the casual type that gets dirty occasionally, we’re going to look at what 2017 has in store for you and what to expect when it comes to the iOS platform, mainly iPhone gaming apps.

Characteristics of a good gaming app

Before we look at some of the mind-boggling iPhone gaming apps to check out in 2017, let’s take a look at what’s needed to enter the “hall of fame.”

  • Offer a unique and compelling platform. A good gaming app is one that has some uniqueness to it, not the old same graphics, features that we find in many gaming apps. It should offer compelling features and a scent to it that will have the gamers coming back to get more of it.
  • A resonating gaming app. Most of the apps around are for the pure entertainment of the gaming fanatics. A gaming app that resonates with the users, even if it’s in fiction, funny, or even crazy way, it always captures the audience.
  • Money factor. Most of the gamers spend very little if not any money at all when it comes to gaming apps. A good gaming app is one that has an excellent monetization depth to it.
  • Social competitive features. A good gaming app is one that provides users with the option to play with or against their friends. This increases user engagement and success of the app.

Top 5 gaming apps to look out for in 2017

Now that we know the selection criteria used in selecting the gaming apps, let’s take a look at the top 5 iPhone gaming apps worth checking out in 2017.



After mixed announcements from developer Mixed Bag about the release of Form.8 in January 2013, the trail went cold until this past October when Mixed Bag resurfaced to release new screens and let people know that Forma.8 is still in the making. They hope to release it this year sometime in February.

Forma.8 takes place on an alien planet where you, as the titular probe, will be tasked with looking for something after an accident separates you from your friend. As you go on, you’ll discover some ancient civilizations and even “dystopian visions” portrayed in some of the coolest art this side of Another World. Forma.8 is set to blow the action-adventure lovers out of their mind.

NBA 2K17

For the sports and action fans, the NBA 2K17 is another gaming app to check out in 2017.  It maintains the same polished graphics, a range of game modes and a full court gameplay as before. It has enhanced gameplay features including a deeper MyCareer mode that has a new Off Day Simulator, as well as alternative team uniforms, expanded EuroLeague feature and historic players.

All of this comes on top of the already excellent package of Season, MyCareer, and Blacktop making this a sports game worth your time.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is for the “hardcore drivers” who don’t like to follow the rules and all they think about is racing. It remains one of the best iOS racing game of all times. The exceptional free-to-play driving sim puts you in a car behind a host of race cars as you drive around in real-world racetracks.

Real Racing 3 involves numerous game modes that include standard races, time trials, and the Time Shift Multiplayer mode. It also keeps throwing new challenges as updates keep adding new cars and racing events.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

The Shadowrun: Dragonfall is an action packed game where high fantasy meets high tech. The PRG is filled with magic-wielding mega corporations and cyborg levels. Gamers take on the hat of Shadowrunners who are highly-skilled freelancers specializing in black ops for some of the top world mega corps, governments and other shady conspiracies.

The game enhances features on the game’s turn-based combat while maintaining the series’ beautiful ambiance.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a psychological horror adventure game. The Bunker follows John, the last survivor in a government bunker in the wake of England’s obliteration in the nuclear war. Set to hit the iOS platform in the first quarter of 2017, players will be able to explore the Bunker, search documents and rooms, discover secrets and solve puzzles.

The Bunker

As the game fares on, John’s nightmare escalates and you will have to make quick decisions and move fast. You must go deeper and deeper into the bunker and have sight of the long forgotten zones, unraveling dark and repressed memories that eventually reveal the terrible secret of the Bunker.

That said, 2017 is going to be a jam-packed year for the gamers, not only for the iOS platform but also other major platforms as more gaming apps are expected to get released.

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