So, you are about to throw a party and all you need to do is to send out all the invites, right?

I don’t know if other people would agree on this or not but writing out the invites and delivering them is the hardest task for me. If we’re on the same page, then maybe I can tell you how I solved this cumbersome task. I hired the Internet to do it for me 😉

No, no, we’re not going to suggest you Evite. Yes! Evite is a great website when it comes down to sending invites but there are certain things that don’t just seem right about it. For one, Evite’s interface is VERY DIFFICULT. You need to be a real tolerant and technologically genius person to handle Evite’s interface (Okay! I might be over exaggerating a bit :p But Evite’s interface doesn’t come with a promise of being simple and easy)

Secondly, no matter how successful Evite has been in the market, it still hasn’t made any appearance on the social networking sites. You wouldn’t find any Twitter or Facebook Evite app.

With all these shortcomings in mind, we have managed to come up with some Evite alternatives. If you’re not much of an Evite fan, then maybe these alternatives can brighten up your day.


fb party invitation

Facebook is the easiest way to invite your friends to a party. If you’re throwing a party and all your friends happen to be on Facebook as well, then creating an event and inviting them to it is the easiest task and it takes not more than a minute. You simply create an event, then go through your friend list and select the people that you want to invite. Facebook sends a notification to all the selected people. The people can then see who is “Going”, who is “Invited”, who might not come at all, etc. This data also helps you because then you know how many people have accepted your invitation and who have turned it down.


punchbowl invitations

PunchBowl is another cool tool when it comes to sending invites to your friends is concerned. It comes with a pretty simple interface and just the right number of features that won’t drive you crazy. PunchBowl lets you see who is coming and who is not. Furthermore, it also tells you what time would be the most appropriate for the party to start by asking the invitees about their opinion. For example, you are starting a party at 8 pm sharp but most of your friends would get free around 9 pm.This way, PunchBowl would inform you beforehand and you can change the party timings to 9 pm. This way, maximum people would be able to enjoy the party.


pingg invitations

Pingg is my personal favorite. The reason being, Pingg has so much to offer and all that is taken care of on just a single page. It provides all its steps on a single page so you process down, knowing exactly what to do instead of getting lost in the middle of nowhere. It’s also present on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Crusher Invite

Crusher is an excellent tool for people who want to bring in an extra flavor to their invitation cards. You can either send out the normal invitation cards to your friends or you can customize it to your own needs using Crusher’s CSS Editor tool. With this feature, you can add snapshots, Chat pictures, videos and much more to your invitation cards. The interface is self explanatory and the steps are very easy to follow.



Renkoo is the last Evite alternative that we’re discussing on this blog. It is another powerful invitation tool that lets you invite your friends through IM, email and even SMS. There are mixed views as far as “Is Renkoo better than Evite” debate is concerned. There are some people that complain that if they have to invite people through IM or SMS, they can do it themselves. Why would they require Renkoo for it? On the other hand, many people say that Renkoo takes care of this efficiently. Instead of sending SMS to each person by yourself, just hand over this task to Renkoo and enjoy!

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