5 Considerations That Should Go into Picking the Perfect Tablet for Your Kid

The perfect present for your child varies from age to age, but a tablet is always an appreciated gift and a great investment. Choosing the right one takes careful consideration, though.

Here are 5 things you should consider before buying your child their first – or next – tablet.

How to Pick the Right Tablet for Children?

1. Check their default settings

As parents, it’s our job to monitor what our children do and see on their devices. Most tablets come with default built-in parent accounts, but you need to verify that the one on your child’s potential tablet is reputable.

Tablet ideas for kids range, too. A child can be 2 or they can be 13, and the default settings vary for different ages. You should check which websites and apps are already on the device. They’re not always things that you want your child to have contact with. Make sure they are age-appropriate for your child.

2. Ensure they can be managed by you

You can always go the name brand route and grab an Apple or Android. These devices can be filtered and content can be blocked, but you have to actively control safety and security. 

You can install parental control software that monitors what your child installs and sees. You will appreciate this on games where they can automatically purchase items with one tap.

There should also be an option to control the timer if you don’t want your child to have unlimited screen time.

3. Keep their vision in mind

Blue light from electronic devices is known to cause vision damage. The light emitted by most of these devices damages the retina. This damage, over time, results in macular degeneration. 

Children today will be exposed to this light for most of their lives through the use of electronic devices, but there are tablets and apps to limit the amount of blue light they receive.

4. Durability is important

Most children’s toys are created to withstand little hands throwing them around, but tablets are extra sensitive. Be sure you find a tablet that is capable of handling your little one or has a protective cover that you can get with it.

If replacing the damaged device is going to be pricey, find a tablet that has an insurance protection plan. 

5. Can the tablet grow along with your child?

Some tablets and devices are made specifically for a certain age range. They tend to be less expensive since your child will grow out of them eventually.

Make sure that the device that you choose has a shelf life that corresponds with the price. If it can grow with your child, it may be worth the extra price tag.

The Perfect Tablet is a Thoughtful Present

With these 5 considerations in mind, your child will love the gift of a tablet. And, as long as it is safe and age-appropriate, you can rest easy knowing that you are in control of their device usage.

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