The latest inventions of the doorbells are quite reliable when it comes to the home’s security. They are equipped with a variety of features such as two-way communication which enables you to identify the person knocking at the door even before you let them in the house. Some are equipped with cameras that enable you to see the person knocking and so on. The smart doorbells also come in different types and models to fit different customers’ needs.

The following are the five best smart doorbells to buy for your home

1. Ring WIFI Enabled Video Doorbell

The doorbell connects to WIFI and is compatible with smart devices as well. The compatibility allows you to speak to the guests at the door through the connected device and from anywhere. The doorbell has a motion trigger detection whereby it immediately records and alerts you if there is a person close to the door or if there is a slight knock. You can still view the people at the door even during the night due to the presence of the dark vision that allows clear visibility at night. The doorbell is powered by a rechargeable battery that has dual power and the fixing process of the device is quite easy.

2. Skybell WI-FI Video Doorbell

This model of the doorbell is upgraded from the older version whereby it has been adding a couple of features. Skybell can be connected to other devices like a tablet and smartphones for easy monitoring and alerts if you have guests. It is quite sensitive as it immediately notifies you if the door rings or a person gets close to the house. It has a night vision feature which enables you to monitor the door area even when there is dark and has a silent mode to prevent distracting people at night. The device is safe for installing in the outdoor area since it is waterproof thus cannot be destroyed by the water from the rains.

3. August Doorbell Camera

August smart doorbell is mainly designed for security purposes since it only features one-way view. Meaning, the person at the door will not be able to see you from the outside, but you can see them from the inside. It is compatible with smartphones, which enables you to view videos of what is happening and the person at the door. The doorbell device has a voice feature which makes it easy for the user to communicate with the person at the door. It is easy to operate as you can comfortably lock and unlock it for viewing from anywhere.

4. SMODO ZM S-SHD0033 Greet

The doorbell can be connected to your smart device such as smartphones for easy viewing and communication with the people at the door. It is quite easy to set it up, although one is provided with, a user manual for the same. The doorbell features a smart mode detection which makes it easy to detect the people near the door. One can simultaneously communicate with the person at the door due to the equipped two-way audio app.

5. VTech IS741 Dect 6.0 Accessory Smart Doorbell

The smart doorbell has both the audio and video features for easy communication and viewing of the person knocking on the door. The camera of the door gadget is adjustable to different angles that enable one to have a broader view of the outside area. It is durable, waterproof, and compatible with other smart devices too.

The security of your home is vital, and a doorbell can help you maintain home security by helping you avoid opening the gate or doors for strangers. The above five reviewed doorbells are made with smart features such as video and audio applications which allow you to communicate and view the person in the door area. With a smart device, you can connect your doorbell to the phone or tablet for easy operations.

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