Studying could mean spending countless hours in the library or on your desk. However, technology has come to make it easier to study. There are excellent apps that will reduce the time taken to study and also make assignment hours fun.

1. Lecture Capture Apps

Traditional learning in college involved endless scribbling of notes. If you missed a lecture, you had to depend on handouts and notes from your classmates, among other unreliable sources.

Lecture capture apps provide an easy way to capture the entire lecture in audio and visual form. You can also take notes as you record proceedings. This allows you to replay the entire lecture and also revisit the images that were issued during the lecture.

Though recording of lectures has been in universities and colleges for years, you do not have to invest in the expensive recording gadgets. The apps allow you to review the files and even mark the time they were recorded.

The recording can be enhanced with links provided, images that are converted into PDF and checklists, among other file types. There are free research paper apps with limited features but you can upgrade by choosing the features you would like to install.

Lecture capture apps also allow you to save the notes on cloud and synchronize two devices to allow you access the files on different devices.

2. Study Blue

This is a specific app developed to help students to study. It is free on Android and iPad. It is a comprehensive library that features more than 400 million learning materials for use by students. These materials come in the form of study guides, notes and flashcards that make learning and revision easier.

Classmates can recommend materials, create and even share through the platform. The app allows tracking of study progress based on set milestones. It allows you to set reminders and even create custom quizzes that are related to your school content.

Study Blue is an excellent app for taking notes and planning your study program. It has attracted more than 15 million students of different grades. This is testament of the quality of assistance it provides.

3. Education on Demand

This is an app for revision and examination preparation. It is more than an app. It is a platform in form of a website that gathers information on different concepts and topics for GCSE.

The materials are updated and rejuvenated on regular basis. This makes the files easy to use and engaging for a learner. The files are designed in an easy to use format that will be stimulating to read.

Presentation of materials on Education on Demand makes revision easier and enjoyable. The materials are designed in examination format. Such design helps a student to prepare adequately for examinations. This is an extremely refreshing way to revise for examinations.

4. Easy Bib

Citations, bibliography creation and referencing are a nightmare to most students. Easy Bib is a citation generator and an automatic bibliography generating platform.

Easy Bib provides options for different formatting styles. You will enter details of the books or journals you are using and generate the citations at the click of a button. This gives you a clear understanding of the differences between MLA, APA, Chicago and other term paper formatting styles.

The slots provided to enter information will give you an idea of the details that need to be included for different reference materials. It also guides you when you are referencing TV shows, websites, images and such other sources. Whether you pay someone to write a research paper or actually write it, the app ensures that the citations are accurate.

5. Student Planner

The life of a student can be hectic. There are so many activities competing for attention including assignments, social and personal commitments. If a student does not plan his or her time well, some deadlines will not be met.

A student planner captures the timetable, assignments and examinations. You can include reminders to ensure that deadlines are not missed. The app helps you to remain grounded and fulfill your academic obligations.

There are many apps available to students for different purposes including typing, editing and proofreading. Read reviews of the best homework apps to make your college experience enjoyable. Most of these apps are free but you will have to pay for advanced features.

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