Technically, the term ‘Reseller Hosting’ implies an action point that makes it possible for the owner of a server to sell web hosting services to another party. These parties may include different IT dealers like web designers and many more.

The web hosting commodities put up for sale range from dedicated servers, virtual private servers to webhosting servers and much more in between. The broker who acts between the web hosting commodities and the basic web hosting company, divides their bandwidth and space on their drive in order to resell them. In a nutshell, owners of reseller accounts purchase the stock of web hosting companies and make the service available to other users. The reseller account serves as a trade link between the hosting company and whoever gets to use the services on the other end. Using reseller hosting has the following advantages:


  • You have better control options with a reseller account than you would with a basic account. Operations on your website are advanced, giving you a better chance at managing and handling your website successful. This includes the utilization of disk space and limitations to your bandwidth.
  • Occasionally, information on credit cards and pin numbers are shared between servers and computers. Most reseller accounts come with a digital certificate (also known as SSL Certificate). The certificates are designed to keep this information private or from leaking to the wrong people.
  • Reseller accounts are especially convenient for beginners in the business or people who operate different site addresses. The control functions on the reseller account are such that you can make alterations to any of the individual sites under your umbrella when you need to. You can also increase the number of sites as you wish.


  • Dealing with the mishaps of a server is usually the responsibility of the server’s owner, or one in charge of the account. Management of the hardware, software and matters pertaining to connection fall squarely on the shoulders of the mother hosting company. You don’t need to bother with buying costly servers or hiring staff to handle server management either. With a reseller account, you expect the parent company to handle that and also offer round the clock technical support. This is one of the things to look out for before purchasing a reseller account. The best reseller hosting in Europe will have a proven record of technical competence and should be known to provide technical solutions for you when need arises.


  • Businesses thrive on expansion and the profits that they bring with it. You have better chances at growing your enterprise with a reseller account than you would with the rest. Take for example, if you had a company providing online marketing solutions or any other business operated on the online platform. Adding web hosting service to the online marketing greatly widens their income generation scope.You don’t spend nearly as much as you would with owning a dedicated server, yet you get to enjoy features that dedicated servers have. Some websites operate more than one site at a go. With reseller accounts you can pay a one-off fee each month instead of separatelypaying for each site every month. You save a lot of money that way. More money can be earned by putting up some of the space on your site on sale. It is an ingenious way of handling the expenses incurred by running the site and having enough space for you at the same time. In addition, you can accrue further profits by dividing your initial package in to smaller bits and offering them to more end users at a regular monthly fee.
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