A smartphone has gained importance in the life of nearly every individual possessing it not only for the entertainment reasons that one can derive by using the Smartphone to play games or for communicative purposes where you can stay in touch with your loved ones, even with the ones who are on the other side of the globe at any given point of time. A Smartphone is important to people as it holds the secrets of a person which if fall on wrong hands can disrupt the entire life of a person. This could happen due to lose or theft of the Smartphone of the person.

To locate or track your smartphone the best option is the use of tracking phone app. This app helps to locate your phone via the GPS and also has other valuable features like remote locking of the device, wiping off the data on the smartphone, remotely commanding the smartphone to click pictures of the person handling the phone etc. There are many such tracking software available in the market with all the above features and then some.

Following are the reviews of 5 such apps that efficiently help to track your phone whether lost or stolen:

1) mSpy

Losing a smartphone is synonymous with the feeling of losing a heartbeat. Just like a person is considered dead without a heartbeat, a person gets a similar feeling on losing their smartphones. mSpy is known for its awesome features that meet every need of the user of the tracking software. Besides having a compatibility with Android, iPhones, IOS and Windows devices, this tracking phone app also gives the user of this app the additional benefit of backing up the complete data and information of the lost or stolen phone to another device of the choice of the user. For complete features review of this app click on this link https://www.mspy.com/current-gps-location.html.

2) Android device manager

Android device manager is an inbuilt function in every android device. Turning it on is as easy as flipping a switch. Once the function is activated it helps to easily and quickly find your phone, remotely make the smartphone to ring loudly so that you can find it and get it back or if it is somewhere far from your location you can also wipe out the data in the device for security reasons and even reset the pin to lock your phone.

3) Cerberus

This is a stealth tracking phone app which when installed in the smartphone, does not notify the thief of the smartphone about its existence. This tracking software has features where the user of the o=lost or stolen phone can lock and reset their phone, sound alarms at pre-defined intervals, display messages on the screen of the lost or stolen phone for the thieved to read, and can also remotely command the front facing camera to click the picture of the person handling it.

4) Prey anti theft app

This app has gained the confidence of many of its users as it has been around a long time and has a long period of experience to its credit. The sole purpose of this app is tracking lost phones. It has all the features of a tracking app like the Cerberus but is more light in weight and hence if much preferred by its users.

5) Where’s my droid

This tracking software has been in the market for the longest time. It has all the basic features of a tracking app and some unique features like the ability to send notification in the form of a GPS Flare in the case of a low battery so that the owner of the lost device is able to get the last location of their device resulting in quick and easy access of the lost device.

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