With just a few robust apps, your Android is easily transformed into an even better version of itself. With so many great apps to try, it can be difficult to pick the best. In the interest of saving you time and effort, we’ve tested dozens of the most popular Android apps. Here are 5 to try right now.

#1 Viber

Viber has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and it’s possible that you might be among them. If you’re not, then you’ll definitely want to download Viber and start taking advantage of its features, which make communicating fun and even easier than before. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll see which of your contacts currently use it, and you’ll be able to text, send video messages, and use instant voice messaging right away. You’ll also be able to dial mobile and landline phones anywhere in the world using Viber Out, which is the app’s international calling service.

If you’re calling others who use Viber Out, your calls will be free. If your contacts haven’t downloaded Viber, you can still talk by purchasing credits beforehand, at prices far lower than those offered by landline and cellular services providers. Low international calling rates, security via end-to-end encryption, and fun extras make Viber a valuable app to have. It works with your phone’s existing data signal, or if you like, you can use it via Wi-Fi and completely bypass your provider. If you use any other devices, you can sync your contacts and continue chatting on your tablet, laptop, or PC.

#2 Netflix

Granted, you’ve got to pay a small monthly fee to keep a Netflix account active, but if you’re already watching at home, then why not add the app to your Android? It comes free with your membership and it provides complete access to all the entertainment you can handle. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to sync to your existing account, view your history, watch movies and TV shows, and even download content to watch later in case you’re traveling to areas without a signal. The Netflix app is free to download, and its performance is outstanding.

We really appreciate the app’s frequent updates as well as its never-ending supply of TV and movies. There’s no limit to how much you can watch, and new content is added as it becomes available. Not a Netflix subscriber, but curious? They’ve got you covered: Download the app, sign up for a month-long trial, and be entertained wherever you go.

#3 Kindle

Love to read? We do, too. Amazon’s Kindle app transforms your Android into an outstanding e-reader, providing you with unfettered access to all the wonders Amazon’s store has to offer. With this free app, the latest novels, good old classics, and tons of nonfiction is at your fingertips. Find it at Amazon, or go to Google play, if you prefer.

You’ll need an Amazon account to access content, and most of the good stuff comes at a price. There are plenty of free and cheap downloads though, including freebies from new authors and publishers who are promoting the latest content. You can access your entire Kindle library with this app and sync to other devices for a seamless reading experience. Enjoy!

#4 YouTube

Maybe you’re into DIY projects, or maybe you love inspiring TED talks. Perhaps you like to de-stress with guided meditations, music, or funny cat videos. Whatever it is you’re looking for, the odds are good that you’ll find something great to enjoy on YouTube. The app delivers a smoother, faster performance than the website, and if you upgrade to YouTube Red, you can enjoy all the premium content you want without any commercials.

The YouTube app is free to download, and you might even be able to try YouTube Red at no charge. We like the free version a lot, but admit that the lack of interruptions and the ability to enjoy audio playback with the screen turned off are very nice features that come with the upgrade. Other features found in the app include some paid content including movies and TV shows – you can purchase these separately, or if you’re in an area where YouTube TV is available as a separate app, you can opt into streaming TV and get rid of your cable bill. YouTube is always improving and adding content to entertain you and enrich your life, making it well worth the download.

#5 SwiftKey Keyboard

Hate your current keyboard? If so, you’ll be thrilled to discover a sensible alternative. SwiftKey Keyboard is a free app that helps you type faster while offering high-quality suggestions and a robust autocorrect feature. It improves as it learns your way of speaking, taking some of the stress out of typing on a tiny keyboard, and it works in more than 150 languages. Download SwiftKey Keyboard and give it a try! Sometimes the simplest things in life really are among the best.




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