With data storage and various business applications being relocated to the cloud, switching to a cloud-based operating system is the next logical step. In addition to being more affordable than traditional operating systems, cloud-based systems offer users enhanced reliability and greater functionality. When considering the switch to a cloud-based OS, take the following benefits into account.

Cloud Based Operations

Easy Upgrades

Cloud-based operating systems effectively take the hassle out of software updates. The instant a new version of your OS hits the Web you’ll be given the option to install it. Unlike traditional operating systems, which turn version upgrades into lengthy ordeals, a cloud-based OS won’t require you to reinstall an assortment of programs, drivers and firmware whenever a new version is installed. Conversely, every time you reinstall or upgrade a traditional operating system, you’re essentially starting from scratch.

In some cases, upgrading an outdatedOS can take hours, whereas cloud-based operating systems will be updated and ready to go within minutes — with all your preexisting programs and applications left intact.Cutting edge operating systems like AppLogic make the upgrade progress simple and stress-free. To learn more about what this innovative OS has to offer, consult this handy selection of FAQs about AppLogic.

Reduced Risk of Viruses

If you’re ready to bid a long-overdue farewell to computer viruses, don’t hesitate to switch to a cloud-based operating system. Since this type of OS doesn’t interact directly with your computer’s hardware, you run absolutely no risk of having your hard drive or motherboard commandeered by a meddlesome virus. People who have grown tired of constantly formatting their hard drives and purchasing pricy antivirus software can save a great deal of time, money and stress with a reliable cloud-based operating system.


As anyone who’s purchased an operating system in the last decade can tell you, they don’t come cheap. The newest versions of Windows and OSX are guaranteed to make your bank account several hundred dollars lighter. Why pay top dollar for an OS that’s prone to virus infection and is liable to become obsolete as soon as the next version is released? With the wide availability of cloud-based operating systems, you’ll no longer have to empty your wallet to own a well-designed, user-friendly OS

Not only do name-brand cloud-based operating systems cost less than a third of the price of their store-bought counterparts, a fair number of them are available free-of-charge. So if budgetary constraints have given you reservations about picking up the latest over-the-counter operating system, turn your attention to the affordable alternatives found on the web. As Small Business Computing reports, a company can save a considerable amount of money by making a cloud-based OS its office’s sole operating system.

Cloud 2

Impressive Speed

In addition to preventing virus infection, not being tied to your computer’s hardware makes cloud-based operating systems extremely fast. Unlike a traditional OS— which can lag as a result of open programs, computer viruses or insufficient memory — a cloud-based operating system’s speed can’t be compromised. So if you have a propensity for running multiple programs at once or own a computer with very little RAM, a cloud-based OSis exactly what you need. Additionally, hardcore web surfers are sure to love perusing cyberspace at lightning-fast speeds.

User-Friendly Simplicity

Since cloud-based applications are still a relatively recent addition to the tech world, certain people may feel a bit intimidated by this new breed of operating system. After all, an OS that doesn’t come in disc-form and isn’t intrinsically tied to a PC’s hardware seems dramatically different from what many people are used to. Rather than view cloud-based operating systems as new technology, it’s best to look at them as an improvement on existing technology.

Many cloud-based operating systems feature sleek, simplistic interfaces easily on par with popular over-the-counter offerings. Furthermore, they’re designed to appeal to both novice PC users and highly knowledgeable techies. If hesitation to embrace something new has been preventing you from purchasing a cloud-based OS, you have nothing to fear.

The computing experience would be impossible without stable, reliable operating systems. However, even the most popular operating systems are prone to bugs, glitches and an assortment of other issues. PC enthusiasts on the hunt for a speedy, easy-to-use OS affordable on any budget needn’t look any further than the cloud.

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