Very few people think ”gaming” when they out to purchase a personal computer. However, as they continue to work with their PCs, they begin to develop a certain interest to the games. When this happens, your computer needs to be able to support the function. There are some PCs that will support certain games while others will not. If you are lucky enough to find a PC thatcan support any kind of computer game, then you’ll need to ensure that the computer is running efficiently so you can download Red Flush casino and enjoy hours of gaming. This way you can have a wonderful experience with all your social and casino games you want to play.

There are a number of reasons as to why a PC game may run slowly. The issue could be hardware or software related. It could also be due to the aging factor. However, that does not mean that you cannot fix the problem yourself. With only a few tweaks and techniques, you can have your computer running faster and smoother again. Here is how:

pc games

1) Clean up your PC

Just like any other computer application, PC games also enjoy the privilege of a clean system. There are a number of softwares available online which can be downloaded and installed specifically for the cleaning job. The importance of the process can never be overemphasized. It’s important because it allows you to get rid of any kinds of cobwebs, or memory-resident apps that may accumulate over a certain period of time. Whenever your computer exhibits signs of slowing down when gaming, it’s always prudent to start by cleaning up before trying out any other method.

2) Add more memory

Not necessarily the storage memory but the RAM. Your computer’s RAM is a huge determinant when it comes to the efficiency of a PC. Computers with smaller RAM tend to drag a lot when performing heavy tasks such as playing games. Therefore installing more memory can go a long way to increase efficiency. Installing the new stick is easy hence can be done at home. To get the most out of your gaming experience, you need to have a 4GB RAM and a 64-bit of Windows installed.

3) Empty the Windows Startup programs  

These programs basically launch whenever the computer is booted. They have the effect of elongating the boot time which eventually ends up slowing down your computer. A perfect example of one of this software is the Windows Live Messenger. To successfully do this, you need to click on the ”Start” button, access ”All Programs” then open the ”Startup” folder. To prevent the program from launching at boot up, select a program and delete it. Do not worry; it will not uninstall your program.

4) Conduct a routine check to scan for viruses and malwares

If you have an infected computer then without a doubt it will run much slower than a virus free computer. In case you have an antivirus installed in your computer, it is important to ensure that it is up to date before performing a scan. Make it a habit to perform regular scan so as to detect viruses and malwares.

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