4 Ways To Nail Your Business Cyber Security

by Dan

These days, cyber security is a big deal. More and more businesses are going online and embracing the internet. While this is great for business, in general, it is also good for hackers. If your company’s computer network gets hacked, you could lose profit. In extreme cases, your whole company may be jeopardized and forced to close down. The best way to prevent this from ever happening is by investing in cyber security. Not sure how to protect your company’s IT system? Here are four important things you can do.



Limit Online Storage

If it’s not online, then hackers cannot find it. So try to keep your online storage to a minimum. Think about other safe places for storing files and data. One of the best places is on your company’s intranet. This intranet should be secured with passwords and only accessible to employees. As it is not part of the world wide web, there is less chance of hackers finding it. If you do need to store date online, make sure it is effectively secured. Make sure you also have hard copies of any files and documents. Otherwise, a hacker could delete all of them for good with just one click.

Make Sure Your Computers Are The Latest Model

Your computers need to be the latest models and be running the latest software. Keeping up to date with technology helps your cyber security stay up to date. Hackers are always developing new ways to hack into networks. If your computers are all up to date, hackers will have a harder time getting into them. If a machine is faulty, make sure you take it in for computer repair as soon as possible. Running a computer with a fault could make it an easy target.

Educate Employees

Educate Employees

All of your employees need to be aware of the threat of a cyber attack or hackers. They need to know what to do in the event of something happening with your computer network. It is also necessary to teach them how to prevent a cyber attack. More often than not, hackers can get into a system because it has been weakened through human error. Make sure everyone in your company knows how to protect data and spot signs that something is up. The quicker they can spot a breach of security, the faster you can have the issue fixed.

Be Careful With Payments

A lot can go wrong when paying people over the internet. And if something goes awry, it can be very expensive for your business! The easiest way to ensure all your payments are secure is to make sure you have all the basics of internet security covered. Turn on a firewall on all of your computers. Keep your WiFi network secure at all times. Once you know you have sorted the basics, then you can move onto the more complicated security measures. Install tools to validate all payments and separate your payment system from other systems in your network.

Follow this guide and you won’t have to worry about cyber security!

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