With people spending so much time at home, now may be a good time to start on a project that you had in mind for so long. It could be learning a new skill or just getting better at understanding technology and how it works. We’ve put together 4 ways to help you learn more about tech, whatever it’s for your own pleasure or for work purposes.

Read books and blogs about tech

The best way to find out more about a subject is to research it. Whether you prefer finding your information online or sitting down with a book and a cup of tea in a quiet space where you can focus, spending time learning about what it is you want to develop can help you apply the theory to the practice.

From IT, engineering, computer science, and more, there are books and articles widely available that have been devised to give you an insight to the wonderful world of technology. 

Get hands on

Don’t be afraid to get down to actually creating projects and trying your hand at smaller tech experiments. You can start with specially designed small computers like the Raspberry Pi for example to test out your programming skills and start making small things come to life!

Complete online courses

The use of online courses in replacement of physical lessons and classes are becoming even more popular with the current pandemic, so why not start your learning journey on a tech subject you are interested in?

Courses are a great way to learn a new skill because they’re structured, they are often led by professionals who have many years of experience and offer you the opportunity to dedicate time to your new hobby or job venture. You can find online courses on many different platforms such as LinkedIn

Find a community

It’s always more fun when you find common interests with people, so try to find a community of people that are also interested in working with tech. This could be a local group of tech fanatics, or via online forums such as Reddit, or Facebook groups. 

Having a community means that you can bounce ideas off one another and ask for advice before you try out a certain method. This can often save you time and allow you to input your own advice when you become skilled enough to contribute to these types of forums yourself.

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