The mobile phone industry would not have been the same without the introduction of the iPhone. One thing is certain; the iPhone transformed the industry by bringing about the so called a mobile revolution. Ever since the introduction of the first gadget in 2007, iPhone devices have always lived up to their standards and even exceeded some of people’s expectations. With the introduction of the iPhone, individuals were able to possess a powerful computer in their palms one that was able to perform a bunch of tasks at a go.

In fiscal year 2013, Apple Inc. had sold over 150 million iPhones throughout the world. The popularity of the iPhone is astounding and to many people, iPhone devices are considers as the best of the best. If you look at how iPhone has transformed many lives, you can understand why people rate it very highly. This is how the devices have managed to change people’s lives and attracted a huge fan base.

iphone fashion statement

1. iPhone has managed to make tech a fashion statement

What iPhone managed to bring to the table is that it changed the way viewed technology. People would now use technology to make statements about their social status. It was the frenzy of an iPhone that was able to propel the tech world into the mainstream. Before the iPhone, owning a high tech gadget sent out a ”nerd alert” message. Today, most people are being identified by the devices they own.

2. Changed how computers are used

The iPhone is more of a computer than an ordinary mobile phone. iPhone wanted to make use of our pointing device (our fingers) to create an interface that people can easily interact with. It is because of this that the gadget developers came up with a new and highly responsive capacitive touch screen. Ever since the introduction of the iPhone, it created a certain urge among consumers who yearned for more touch screens.

iphone changed various industries

3. Improved the internet accessibility  

The iPhone introduced people to an age where people could easily access the internet from anywhere and at any time they felt like. People could access their emails, from wherever they are. The iPhone also highlighted the possibility that people could browse the internet from their phones and introduced them to various IM and gaming applications such as Instagram, Elvis Slots, Viber, WhatsApp, Temple Run etc. All these applications have in one way or the other managed to change people’s lives.

4. It changed a number of industries

The introduction of iPhone not only changed the mobile industry, its effects were also felt in the gaming industry, the music and the digital world as a whole. These gadgets were able to play games, take usable pictures, stream videos and download music straight from the web. All these industries were affected by the introduction of this one gadget that could perform all the above functions. The industries were forced to make new adjustments and some of them even became obsolete.

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