For most of the use, YouTube is a primary source of entertainment. Not only from a fun point of view this app benefits us in various ways as it can be used for education, news and even picking up new stuff.  Suppose if you are planning to watch HD videos or pick up any new stuff, then YouTube is the app you turn to in the first place. Simply for being aware of the latest happenings you turn to YouTube.

Now consider a situation where you are a watching a YouTube video and you feel the desire to share it with your friends in order to master a certain skill by using a WIFI network. The movement you leave the cellular network you have to opt for cellular data in order to view that connection. This can be a costly affair as your data plan costs might shoot up. Things are going to be a lot easy in case if you download YouTube videos on your Android platform, and then, watch it as per times as per your likes. During this process, you do not have to spend a single penny on your internet connection. Now let us flip through the popular YouTube video downloaders on the Android platform. They are as follows-


On the Android platform, it is one of the popular YouTube video downloaders. Numerous features are incorporated as it is possible to watch videos online or offline with a few clicks. Not only you can download videos, but it is possible to watch live TV and even before downloading the videos a feature of auto detect. On all counts, Vidmate is one of the popular apps on the Android platform.


All of you might have heard of TubeMate as this is one of the reliable apps on the Android platform. You can obtain this app on the phone and as per the job requires it is expected to perform. So as to use this downloader just open the browser and to download the desired video there is a green button on top. Any download is going to proceed on to a separate folder. To watch these videos take the help of an inbuilt player.


This app is incorporated with a lot of unique features. The app is going to make the process of downloading a lot faster and the interface is well designed. With an inbuilt converter, you can change the videos from audio to video conversion mode. For video downloading a user can choose resolution along with format they can choose. A notable feature is the inbuilt browser as with a single click you can download the videos


It is a popular and reliable video downloading the app, on the Android platform that helps to watch videos. This app offers high speed and this is even if the internet connection is not that fast. This app is known to support multi-format download option and even formats

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