In recent years, the majority of sports games have focused on the likes of football and motor racing. However, the rise of mobile gaming has meant that there has been a much greater diversity in sporting games recently. And the latest trend is for horse racing games to enable players to experience the thrill and timeless appeal of a day at the races via their mobile devices.

Derby Quest

This popular iOS gaming app puts you in the role of a horse trainer as you breed, feed and train your horse to racing glory. Once your horse has progressed past the necessary qualifying stages, it will enter the coveted Derby Class competition. This allows you to race against a top-class competition where you get to gain control of your horse through a fully customisable jockey who calculates the perfect moment to use the whip and beat the rest of the field. Although Derby Quest can suffer from some dated graphics, it still offers a fun and easy way to enjoy this fascinating sport.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite

Although Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite doesn’t allow you to bet with real money like at Coral’s excellent horse racing site, it still provides a great way to enjoy the thrill of wagering on a horse race. In addition to making straight bets on a variety of races, it also provides a detailed betting history, as well as impressive 3D graphics that take create a fun and addictive game for iPhone and iPad users.

Race Horses Champions Free

Android devices are also well served by the latest wave of horse racing games. In particular, Race Horses Champions Free offers an excellent example of the arcade style of gaming as you use the intuitive controls to race your horse over five different tracks. The game provides 90 unique horses to race, as well as a prize and rewards system to aid your progression through the game.

Starters Orders

And then for those who really like to go deep in their horse racing games, Starters Orders offers a fantastically detailed simulation of this popular sport. The game provides a range of highly realistic courses modelled on prize UK racing events such as the Aintree Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup. But what really makes Starters Orders stand out from the rest of the pack is the incredibly detailed gameplay that can feature up to 30 horses navigating a host of world-class racing circuits that will keep the most avid horse racing enthusiast gripped!

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