4 Best Syslog Servers for Windows/Linux

With more businesses moving to cloud computing, now is the best time to re-evaluate which operations and business practices are in place. By doing so, organizations can ensure that they’re setting the business up for future success and the immense technological changes that are coming their way.

Looking at updated Syslog servers is one area where businesses can improve. Here are four of the best Syslog servers for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Papertrail by SolarWinds

Papertrail recognizes that many businesses are transitioning to hybrid cloud and cloud-only computing due to the cost-savings incurred. Papertrail allows users to access their logs from a central database, moving away from the decentralized interface that many Syslog servers have used in the past. 

As centralization is the main theme with Papertrail, users will also enjoy having the ability to set global policies from one location. Furthermore, log messages and events are consolidated as well. You can visit Papertrail to get all the details on this product.

Solarwinds has long been a favored provider for IT management tools and solutions. Their Kiwi Syslog Server is one of the best free Syslog server solutions for small-time developers who want to dabble.

The Dude

Don’t be fooled by the name; The Dude is a great free option for someone who isn’t concerned with enterprise capabilities. This powerful network analytic tool does have a toggle Syslog feature that can be used for both Linux and Windows, as well as Mac. 

Filter your logs, discard them or sort them based on presets you put in place to suit your needs. You can also turn on notifications that will indicate changes via email or on-screen. You can also set The Dude up with RouterOS to enable remote logging. 

The Dude is a simple tool with Syslog being an afterthought rather than the main focus, but it’s a free option that excels in its simplicity.

Visual Syslog Server

Visual Syslog Server is a user-created system that’s simple, straightforward, and effective. The ability to dive in and manipulate your logs isn’t as robust as other systems, but it’s ideal for someone who wants a lightweight, easy-to-understand Syslog server.

As the name implies, the highlight of this free system is the visual effects. Color coding makes it easy to identify what’s happening when, rather than scouring through endless lines of monotonous black and white entries. 

Messages in this server are displayed in real-time and stored. Color coding protocols and notifications are customizable to suit your liking, and this open-source software is free to use and easy to install and maintain.

WhatsUp Gold

This reliable, easy-to-use Syslog server comes highly recommended by its users. WhatsUp Gold can collect logs from a plethora of devices in one shared location, and presents it in an easy-to-manipulate manner. Filter millions of messages by date or time stamps, IP addresses, and text.

Users also enjoy the ability to set up useful notifications and a color-coding system similar to that offered in Visual Syslog Server. Notifications can be sent via email with a summary of what’s happening in the triggered log, making it ideal for multitaskers at heart. 

For those who don’t need the robust offering by WhatsUp Gold or put off by the hefty price tag, there is a free version with a lighter interface that many users find helpful. 

Choosing a Syslog Server

Choosing a Syslog server can be challenging. When deciding what works for you look at the functionality, you require, ease of use, and OS compatibility. Take advantage of free trials and companies who offer in-depth support with their systems, like Solarwinds.

Having the right Syslog server in place can help you manage tremendous amounts of data and turn it into valuable information to drive your computing efforts.

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