The smell of nutmeg is in the air, and the songs of Michael Bublé have become the default soundtrack wherever you go. All signs point to the imminent arrival of the holidays, which means you need to start drafting your wish list — if you haven’t started one already.

Kids, teenagers, and adults all around the world have put the iPhone XS on their holiday wish lists this year, and the lucky ones will unwrap the handset on the big day. If you’re one of the hopeful merry-makers waiting on your smartphone, here are some facts to help fill the time until it arrives. This list makes up the essential things you need to know about your inbound XS.

X doesn’t mark the spot

When confronted with an article like this one, it’s easy to read the name of Apple’s flagship as it looks — as in, the iPhone Ex Ess. This would be a huge mistake that sounds like nails on a chalkboard to Apple officials. According to Tim Cook and friends, it’s supposed to be pronounced Ten Ess.

Using the X as the Roman numeral comes as good news to anyone attempting to tell their loved ones they want one of these smartphones for Christmas. Ex Ess is a bit of a tongue twister that can leave the listener confused, so the next time you’re asked about your favorite new phone, call it the Ten Ess.

It’s had some work done

The latest XS series boasts a stainless steel frame with a glass body that has batted a thousand on all its drop and damage tests — shattering only when it was dropped 20 feet. This is a huge achievement since 2017’s iPhone X failed nearly ever test it went through.

In terms of durability, the new iPhone glass is hard to beat, but it runs into the same issue any glass encounters anywhere, on a phone or not. By virtue of being glass, it attracts fingerprints, grease smudges, and specs of dirt in 4K HD quality.

This isn’t a problem unique to the XS. The fact that most phones pick up dirt and grime quite easily is why companies like dbrand create grime-free accessories that cover up unsightly fingerprints. These iPhone skin companies create unique decals that cover the handset in scratch-free vinyl. It camouflages any grease or dirt that your XS may pick up along the way.

But the best iPhone XS skins are more than just a pair of camo fatigues for your smartphone; they make your iPhone stand out in a sophisticated uniform, sporting stylish black matrix, red dragon, and carbon fiber iPhone XS skins.

It’s more display without more phone

In the race to deliver the biggest, baddest display on a smartphone yet, manufacturers are running up the overall size of their flagships. This competition is turning convenient handheld gadgets into phablets that need two hands, a grip-enhancing iPhone skin, and a prayer to keep in your grasp.

That’s why at first news that the iPhone XS had a whopping 5.8-inch display, there was some worry percolating in the clumsy and small-handed communities. Until, of course, Apple revealed the XS gained 0.3 inches on the iPhone X without getting any bigger. They did this by enlarging the display, doing away with bezels to create an edge to edge screen that looks ultra-sophisticated.

So what does that mean for you? For one thing, you won’t have to worry about dropping the phone quite as often, as you’ll find it easier to hold than a phablet. For another, you’ll have one of the largest, most beautiful displays in a smartphone with 2,436 x 1,125 pixels at a density of 458 ppi.

Be prepared

Though they may be simple, these facts can help you curate a better iPhone experience with your XS. When you know what to expect, you’ll be able to better anticipate your iPhone’s needs in subtle ways.

The subtle stuff has a greater impact than you realize. It’s a good rule of thumb to remember as you await the holidays. After all, the small things can convince your loved ones you’ve been nice and not naughty this year. So be nice and be prepared to make sure you unwrap the iPhone XS this year.

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