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Here’s a scenario that almost if not all fans of video games experienced at least once in their childhood and teenage years while getting down with their favorite games. “Man, I’m really good at this, if there was a job as a professional video gamer I would totally kill it”. While in the past that thought would have just ended up being that, a thought or even a fantasy, nowadays with the world of Esports taking off and dominating the gaming scene, with revenue streams through the roof, and online platforms that allow fans to bet on Esports tournaments gaining more and more ground, being a professional competitive video gamer is a reality and one that’s gaining more and more popularity as times goes by.

If the thought of becoming a pro video gamer has crossed your mind and your skills with the controller or PC are up to the par, here are three keys to follow if you seriously wish to pursue a successful career in Esports.

Understanding The Level Of Commitment Needed To Succeed

Understanding The Level Of Commitment Needed To Succeed

While many people might take Esports as just another sort of entertainment instead of a professional sporting career, professional video gaming is just as demanding and time consuming as other pro sports disciplines. In order to become a truly successful professional Esports player, you have to commit to putting in long hours of training and practicing as well as both physical and mental conditioning. Given the nature of the discipline, players can spend up anywhere from 6 to 12 hours per day practicing either by themselves or with their respective teams, focusing on every single move that happens on their screens and trying to get all the tactics and strategies down to the very last detail in order to become a force in the pro gaming scene. 

Once players achieve that level of seriousness when it comes to their preparations is when the true level of skill comes into play, allowing players to go from regular and average Esports gamers to top of the line gamers, those who rake in the big paychecks from both tournament wins as well as endorsement, sponsorship and streaming deals.

Another part of the commitment that is needed from all aspiring players is the understanding that the life of a pro Esports gamer consists of being on the road constantly, especially given the fact that Esports tournaments have become one of the new and most popular forms of sporting events around the world. While all the training and travelling can sound exhausting, even for doing something as fun as playing video games competitively for a living, once you start gaining recognition in the field, your player status starts going up and you start receiving bigger and bigger paychecks, that’s where it all falls into perspective and allows you to enjoy the other side of pro video gaming.

Find A Game You Love, Master It, Thrive With It

Find A Game You Love

If you look at some of the world’s best Esports players, you’ll notice that while they can talk the talk on many different games, they usually focus on one game alone, the one where they usually shine the most. One of the main keys to becoming a successful pro video gamer is to find that one game that truly suits your playing style, the one where you know you can dominate and run with it like there’s no tomorrow. Once you find that game you love, all the hours of training and strategizing will not be as tedious as they seem because you’ll be investing all that time into perfecting your skills in your favorite gaming title. While the biggest games in terms of Esports are usually titles like League of Legends or DOTA 2, look for the game that suits you best and run with it. Just make sure of course that it’s a game suited for the Esports tour and that it has a large following and competitive field.

The best way to put this key into perspective is this, if you decide that pro Esports gaming is the path you wish to pursue in life, then finding that one game that truly moves you and pushes you to always want to be better at it is just as important as any other decisions to be made. As Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. With Esports, once you find the game you love, playing it over and over for money and fame won’t feel like a job, but as a well-paid hobby.

Giving Up Is Not A Choice

Giving Up Is Not A Choice

Look, while the life of a professional Esports gamer can sound like lots of fun, especially since the core of the activity is playing video games for a living, that does not mean that it’s an easy path and that results will come at you right away. In order to truly become successful in the field of pro video gaming, understanding that it takes time, dedication and above all perseverance is key. And of course, remember, you’re the one in charge of your career path, not the other way around. If you feel a bit worn out, take a break, give yourself some time off and then go back at it with full force. If you feel like the gaming scene is getting the best of you, step back, clear your mind and then go back in and kick some butt. But above all, do not give up.

The road to becoming a top tier Esports gamer is not an easy one, but if you decide that you have what it takes and are willing to go through all the motions and sacrifices needed, the light at the end of it all and the treasure chest will all be waiting for you. Yes, it’s long hours, yes, you might not win every single tournament or match up right away and yes at times it might become frustrating, but if you keep on going and continue to hone your craft, at one point you’ll see how everything will turn around in your favor.

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