Recent years have seen increase in technological advancements. With technology, come new gadgets and devices to bring in the services. Most of the trending devices for any year bring in the latest of the developments and this will keep you trending. From smartphones to toys, the developers will have something for the year. Of course, for any new device, the prices are high and this brings in the distinction, before the sales get to the plateau stage.

Sometimes, the imitation of gadgets gets trending for the year. This is especially for imitations that have better convenience than the original. Any gadget that makes it to the top of the specific year’s peak must have some unique features, which favor the largest of population. Many sites are available such as, where you will require coupons to make purchases. Although the year has seen introduction of many devices, here are the 3 gadgets you need to have this 2016:


Universal Pillow Remote Control

Home accessories are the most critical gadgets in terms of convenience and ease of use. For people who love to watch movies from the comfort of their beds, then the Pillow remote control is the gadget for you. The basic concept of this device is combining comfort and sustainability, which aligns to the current generation. All the function keys of the normal remote have been incorporated in this polyester product, with a provision for triple A batteries. In an effort to match the modern requirements, the gadget has satellite control functions and you can peruse through channels.

FitBit Surge Fitness Superwatch

With the recent awareness in body fitness and health, this cannot miss among the 3 gadgets you need to have this 2016. Since the fitness program is a continuous process, keeping track of the progress is important and among the strategies towards success. This makes the Fitness watch an important accessory for all, who want to keep healthy and fit at all times.


Calories loss and flexibility of body organs are among the main determinants of efficiency of workouts. From this wristwatch, you can read the stage-by-stage of the progressions. Sometimes, the normal activities such as walking, stairs climbing have some impact on the body fitness. All these are readable from the display and this can help you determine on how the workout is fairing. In addition to this, the display shows notifications and texts, which makes it a sustainable gadget, with variability of use. You can buy the Fit Bit from Amazon for 239.99$ but click here to browse Amazon coupons.

USB Charging Station (5-Port)

The Smartphone generation is here and with increased in the uses of the phones requires occasional charging. In the recent past, power banks provided a portable option for charging devices. Although the gadget was effective to some extent, it could not be effective for a number of gadgets. This charging station can charge up to seven gadgets at a time, combining phones and tablets. In addition, the manufacturer has increased the safety features in an effort to cover the limitations with the power bank. The station carries enough capacity to enable simultaneous charging of gadgets, in an effective manner.


Wrapping Up

The above 3 gadgets you need to have this 2016 are awesome and convenient for the modern man. However, originality will assure you of their best services and you can check them out in Newegg and to get the best brands.

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