3 Common Challenges You Can Face While Studying For ACCA Online

Whether you are an accounting student or aspirant, it can be difficult for you to be unaware of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA. It is one of the leading bodies of professional accountants spread across 178 countries. As an ACCA member, you get to expand your professional network, build your credibility and unlock great career opportunities across the world.

However, cracking the ACCA test can require an immense investment of time and money. With the pass percentage as low as 30% for some ACCA papers, the qualification remains one of the most elusive in the accounting domain and frustrates a lot of accounting graduates. It can be especially difficult if you are balancing your career with studying for ACCA online.

This blog brings forth 3 of the most common challenges while studying for ACCA in an online format. Going through the blog can help you identify the challenges pertaining to you and solve them for productive study sessions.

What are the challenges faced in online study for ACCA?

Even if you choose comfortable online ACCA course, you might face the following challenges in acquiring this qualification.

  • You lack previous experience

If you are relatively new to accounting and are starting ACCA with the minimum experience, you may find some papers hard to crack. Having an undergraduate degree in finance and accounting can lead to a little more familiarity with the course material. However, it does not necessarily mean that you won’t have to re-cover some sections in-depth even if you claim exemptions for them.

  • Your study style is faulty

Since it can take up to 10 years to pass all ACCA levels, very few students focus on studying for ACCA full time. Most students opt to continue their career while studying for the qualification, While, this might allow you to put your learning into practice and recover the cost of the exams, it can also mean less time for your preparation which can make studying for ACCA feel challenging

  • You have allotted less time for passing the exam

Many students try to complete all ACCA levels in 3 to 4 years which can be an overly ambitious goal since some papers need extensive preparation. While preparing a timeline for passing ACCA levels, you would do good to remember that you have ten years to complete all levels. Hence, you should calculate an optimum timeline for yourself that can help you avoid the stress of completing the syllabus in less time.

While there might be definite challenges in your online ACCA preparation, in most cases, ACCA is as difficult as you make it in your head. As with any professional qualification, passing ACCA requires a lot of efforts, motivation and commitment which might be difficult to sustain over a long period, but not impossible. Pursue an online ACCA preparatory course today to help you with this journey.

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