If you need to trim a video VLC player might not be the best tool. However, since it has a very wide user base and is essentially a free and open-source tool, many users will want to know how to do various actions, including how to trim videos in VLC or cut mp4 videos in VLC. We’ll show you how.

Quick Steps for Trimming MP4 Using VLC

The process of trimming a video like an MP4 file in VLC is actually a workaround that uses advanced video controls that you will need to enable. The “trimming” is done by playing the video at the exact point that you want to start the clip and then recording it as it plays. When you stop recording, the trimmed section will automatically be saved as a new video file. Since VLC is not a true video editor, this is the only possible way at the moment.

1. Assuming you’ve already installed VLC player on your PC, launch it now.

2. Import the video that you need to trim in VLC using the Open Media menu option.

Quick Steps for Trimming MP4 Using VLC

3. Next, click the View option in the menu and click on Advanced Controls. This should show you an additional control panel with advanced features. Among these is a Record button.

4. Drag the slider for the video to the point where you want to start trimming the video and play it.

5. At the same time, click the Record button, and click it again when you’ve reached the end of the section to be trimmed.

6. This clip will now be saved in the default folder for videos.

If you make any mistakes during the above process, don’t worry. The next section shows you what types of issues you may run into and quick ways to fix them.

Trimming Issues When Using VLC

1. One major issue is not being able to trim the video to the exact duration or section that you need. If you overshoot the end or miss something in the beginning of the video, you can do the recording again to create another new file. Be sure to bring the slider to the exact point so you can start recording correctly.

2. Another common issue faced by users is the inability to do any further editing. Actually, there are some tools you can use, such as cropping, etc. but it is buried in the Effects and Filters section in the Video Effects portion of the Adjustments and Effects pop-up window. Please note that cropping is different from trimming or cutting because it involves changing the aspect ratio or dimensions of the video.

3. A third issue with trimming files is that some formats like MOV aren’t fully compatible, especially if they’re corrupted or blocked by DRM (digital rights management) restrictions. That’s basically copyrighted content that is protected by law.

A Better MP4 Video Trimmer – iMyFone Filme

If you face issues when you trim MP4 files with VLC or have any problem when you try to cut an MP4 video in VLC, you’re better off using a dedicated video editor like iMyFone Filme. You can easily trim any video to exact specifications, edit the file in various ways, and choose from a wide range of effects, text options, animations, transitions, filters, and more.

How to Trim Videos in iMyFone Filme?

After installing the Windows version on your PC, follow the steps shown below:

1. Import the video into the media library by dragging a file and dropping it into the interface. You can also use the File → Import Media → Import files option in the main menu bar.

How to Trim Videos in iMyFone Filme?

2. Add the media (your MP4 video) to the timeline by dragging it there, clicking the + symbol, or right-clicking the media and selecting Add.

How to Trim Videos in iMyFone Filme?

3. Select the video in the timeline and bring your mouse pointer to the end of the clip until you see the double-arrow. Now slide it to the left and stop when you get to the end of the section that you want. Do the same thing at the beginning of the video, but this time slide it to the right to define the start point.

How to Trim Videos in iMyFone Filme?

4. You can now use the Export button to choose your output format.

How to Trim Videos in iMyFone Filme?

If you need to add effects, text, or transitions, you can use the tabs on the top left corner of the Filme window, where you’ll see various options. To edit the video, right-click and choose Edit or just double-click the video in the timeline to see the editor.

How to Trim Videos in iMyFone Filme?

Filme: New Features Introduction

The latest version of iMyFone Filme for Windows has brought in some useful new features you can try out:

  • Import media captured on your phone, either wirelessly or with a data cable
    • Easily move media from your phone to your PC in a couple of clicks
    • Have quick access to wireless and hassle-free transfers in high quality
  • More transitions, effects, and filters
    • Give your videos that pro appeal with more options for beautifying them
  • New zoom and pan effects as part of the Crop tool
    • Excellent way to focus on a particular subject
  • Better UI – more intuitive and user-friendly for beginners
    • Clear menus and iconography for a confusion-free experience
  • Faster and lighter tool to optimize resource usage
    • Don’t cause a drag on PC performance

The new version is a game-changer because it gives you even more options to edit your videos in a professional manner, giving you and your creative work the ability to stand out in the crowd.


1. Can I cut VLC videos without hitting the record button?

Unfortunately, VLC doesn’t have a trim feature that allows you to quickly cut a video to the section that you want. The workaround method explained above is the only option for the moment.

2. Why am I getting different HDR output from the VLC Windows 10 app and VLC media player?

The Windows Store version of VLC is designed as a cross-platform application for multiple devices. As such there are some variations between that version and the traditional Windows version. That’s why the difference can be seen. It’s better to use the traditional Windows application because it gives you better fidelity and is less limiting in terms of what you can do with the video.

3. What to do if there is no sound for my recorded video in VLC?

VLC often shows errors with audio tracks. If you know you video has an audio track, try disabling and reenabling audio in VLC. You can also try changing the audio device, which may be on the wrong setting. Also see if the audio is muted; if so, unmute to hear the track.

4. How to adjust the volume of multiple audio tracks?

VLC doesn’t allow you to select multiple audio tracks even though you can play all of them using a CMD workaround. However, there’s no way to control the volume as a group. You’ll need to adjust the volume for each of the tracks separately.

Final Thoughts

VLC is a great media player with lots of features and support for a wide range of formats. But why use something so restrictive when you want to edit videos? Seeing that it’s so hard just to do a simple trim job, using a purpose-built software application like iMyFone Filme allows you a great amount of freedom and flexibility to manipulate the video the way you want to. The controls are simple, the interface is user-friendly, and the features are robust enough for professional use.


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