20 Vibrant Logo Designs which will Inspire you

by Dan

Establishing a corporate identity begins with the selection of a powerful logo- a logo that can communicate the very philosophy of the company behind it. A stronger, more creative, more vibrant logo will stick in the mind of consumers and competitors alike.

The right logo can make or break a brand in today’s competitive market. The following examples represent some of the best logo designs out there,and I advise you to look for a good Logo Designing Services which can get you a vibrant and memorable logo design.

1. Core


Rainer Schulz’s design for Core manipulates the letters in such a way that recreates the word into a shape of its own. Still completely legible, the sharp lines and unique color choice make this logo stand out in a crowd.

2. Tammy Lenski

Tammy Lenski

The use of the paper crane is both an excellent design choice and a way for Tammy Lenski, and the design’s creator David Airey, to pay tribute to the story of Sadaki Sasaki. The use of both grays and blacks provide balance and to the image.

3. On Wine

On Wine

Piotr Chrobot chose to use the wine bottle in this design, and the light playing off the letters of the word “wine” perfectly convey its shape. This is a fantastic way to communicate the substance of the brand in an smart, dynamic image.

4. Elara Systems

Elara Systems

The three-dimensional effects used by Maximalist in this creation are both soft and curved- providing an inviting appearance to the logo. The manipulated “e” fits perfectly with Elara Systems’ brand as an animation company.

5. Alatau


The wide spacing of the lettering coupled with the spray of colored dots creates a balanced feel in Raja Sandhu’s creation. The energetic color choice creates a nice contrast with the black and white of the rest of the logo.

6. Anti-Particle


This design is a fantastic example of using the name of the business in the logo itself. Dian Warsosumarto chose to scatter the letter “a” with different sized circles, creating a “particle” effect. Since Anti-Particle is a production company, animating the logo will definitely leave a lasting impression on the consumer.

7. Ryan-Biggs


The use of a single color, as well as the placement of the “R” on the silhouette of the “B”, make this logo extremely adaptable. Utilizing the negative space this way is creator Bryan Kahrs’ signature touch.

8. Pangur


This colorful, modern image, the creation of Sean O’Grady, plays perfectly with Pangur Glass Craft’s actual business. Using transparency with the slightly off-kilter stack of bowls produces a logo that is both functional and ultimately stylish.

9. Castle Print

Castle Print

Another of Sean O’Grady’s designs, this logo integrates the transparent effect with the Subtractive Color Model- inherent to the print industry. The whimsical castle icon placed in the center is a unique, personal touch.

10. 69 Monos

69 Monos

Proving that 3D isn’t all the rage, this 2D design by Ruben Van Wijnen manages to convey depth and an exceptional use of space. The color choice here also adds a nice contrast to the seeming lack of action in the design.

11. About Thyme

About Thyme

Turning from the sharp angles and lines of some other designs, this creation from Good Creative utilizes hand drawn circles and images to create a homey, inviting logo. About Thyme’s business can be summed up in the three icons inside each circle, constructing a nice bridge between company and logo.

12. Talkmore


By using quotation marks in place of the “a” and the “e”, this logo whimsically plays on the name of the company. The color choices also add a nice touch of contrast to the design.

13. Jivespace

Raja Sandhu’s logo for Jivesspace is a dynamic, fluid illustration of a modern company in action. The choice to keep the company’s name in lower-case letters keeps the design contemporary.

14. Ta-Jevi


Instead of seeming retro, the smiley-face incorporated in the logo actually makes the design look fun. The choice of bright pink and orange for the design also lend a friendly tone, while the exclamation point makes the consumer think of a vibrant and modern-thinking company.

15. Friends in Places

Friends in Places

Using arrows to represent components of the map is a genius way of portraying a company on the move. The different blues also add layers of texture that give the logo the feel of an actual depiction of the globe.

16. Green Dolphin

Green Dolphin

The dolphin silhouette imagery definitely stands out, but Mel Campbell’s use of abstract images underneath and the color green serve to tie the design together. The unfinished appearance of the border around the logo gives it a natural, earthy feel.

17. Boxbound


Transparency, vibrant colors, and the use of 3D images all combine to create a design that is both modern and dynamic. The rounded typeface keeps the logo friendly and approachable.

18. Black Sparrow

Black Sparrow

The bird icon is deceptively simple and fantastically elegant, playing off the curves of the letters in the company name beautifully. Alex Wende’s use of black on white creates a memorable and elegant logo for Black Sparrow.

19. Eco Cafe

Eco Cafe

Boran Stefanovic’s design utilizes the earthy browns and greens to convey a connection with the environment. The simplicity of the leaf is a nice contrast to the name of the company so carefully written underneath.

20. Spiffy Sparrow

Spiffy Sparrow

The intricacy of the sparrow is fantastic, especially the use of negative space to create the shape of the bird’s body. This logo would work well on a number of branded mediums.

These logos are all functional, creative, and memorable. Unique, but certainly not foreign and unfamiliar, their design can be used on everything from crockery to print to clothing. Having a dynamic logo can make or break a company. The more vibrant and memorable the design it uses, the more likely it is that company will be remembered.

Article by Niche Designs, Cairns based web design agency

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